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  1. president trump
    Trump Calls for John Kerry’s Prosecution Under the Logan ActTrump suggested Thursday that he had asked the DOJ to prosecute Kerry for meeting with Iranian officials, but “my people don’t want to do anything.”
  2. thomas massie
    Congressman Claims His John Kerry “Gotcha” Moment Wasn’t As Stupid As It LookedUnfortunately, it was.
  3. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Welcome to Act III of the Trump TragedyThreatening the unnecessary use of emergency powers to accomplish a trivial political goal marks a new phase in America’s anti-democratic spiral.
  4. politics
    Democrats Finally Splitting With Republicans on Terrorism-Focused Foreign PolicyDemocrats are abandoning the war in Yemen that Obama supported. The 2020 presidential race could spur a real Democratic foreign policy debate.
  5. john mccain
    That Time McCain Almost Switched Parties to Become the Democratic VP CandidateMcCain thought about breaking with his party twice, and defying its orthodoxies a third time, but was never that maverick-y.
  6. Trump Very Maturely Taunts John Kerry for Getting in Bike AccidentDuring a speech that was supposed to be about guns, natch.
  7. international women's day
    John Kerry and Angelina Jolie Talk at Each Other About Women’s RightsFor International Women’s Day.
  8. Kerry 2020 and the Reign of the GerontocratsKerry is definitely a blast from the past, but deserves a hearing as much as any other septuagenarian.
  9. movie review
    The Final Year Gives an Insider’s Perspective of the Obama PresidencyGreg Barker’s swift documentary covers the achievements, mistakes, and compromises that make the Obama legacy alternately exhilarating and depressing.
  10. November 8, 2016: A Hard Day’s Night and Then a Year of Helter-SkelterI didn’t have time to freak out over Trump’s election. But it hits me now and then, without warning.
  11. lgbtq rights
    State Department Apologizes for Discriminating Against LGBTQ EmployeesJohn Kerry just apologized for discriminatory practices “as far back as the 1940s.”
  12. The GOP’s Bibi-Centric Foreign PolicyAs Republicans overreact to the U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements, their unconditional support for Netanyahu is a rare point of unity.
  13. Kerry Delivers Eulogy for the Two-State SolutionWith Israel on the brink of abandoning a decades-old point of agreement, the outgoing secretary of State defends it one last time.
  14. It’s Officially a No Go Between Russia and the United States on SyriaTalks are suspended after the Kremlin-backed Syrian government’s ongoing strikes against Aleppo.
  15. Syria
    U.S. Air Strike in Syria Endangers Week-Old Cease-fireSyria has accused the U.S. of intentionally helping ISIS.
  16. Syria Cease-fire Goes Into Effect, But Humanitarian Aid Still Hasn’t ArrivedNo deaths reported since the truce began, but the fighting hasn’t completely stopped.
  17. international affairs
    U.S. and Russia Agree on New Ceasefire Plan in SyriaThe plan is due to start on Monday, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of optimism that it will actually work.
  18. early and often
    John Kerry Says World Leaders Are ‘Shocked’ by GOP Campaign Rhetoric“What’s happening is an embarrassment to our country.”
  19. Russia and U.S. Have Agreed to a Cease-fire in a Pummeled SyriaDoes not apply to attacks on ISIS.
  20. iran nuclear deal
    Sanctions on Iran Lifted Following Nuclear Deal ComplianceThe country met its commitments under last summer’s nuclear agreement, and can now rejoin the world economic community. 
  21. the national interest
    How Republicans Learned to Stop Hating FranceThey have never hated France! It was John Kerry who hated France.
  22. islamic state watch
    John Kerry: ‘People Need to Not Panic’People are not very good at not panicking right now. 
  23. iran deal
    Nuclear-Talks Negotiators Want an Extension“And we still do not know yet whether we will be able to get there … We want to, we hope to, but we do not know.”
  24. diplomacy
    John Kerry Just Wants You to Know He Is Still Working, Despite His Broken Leg“The work continues!”
  25. get well get well soon we want you to get well
    Biking Accident Ruins John Kerry’s Europe TripHe broke his leg.
  26. John Kerry on Execution in North Korea: ‘Grotesque, Grisly, Horrendous’“One of the most egregious examples of reckless disregard for human rights and human beings anywhere on the planet.” 
  27. John Kerry Went to Russia and All He Got Was This T-Shirt (and Some Tomatoes)According to the Secretary of State’s Twitter feed, they had “frank discussions.”
  28. Switzerland Thinks John Kerry Is a Sexy Rock Star“Weapon of mass seduction.”
  29. international affairs
    Hundreds Reportedly Killed in Boko Haram Attack on Major Nigerian CityThe casualties included militants and Nigerian troops.
  30. international intrigue
    That Sound You Hear Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran RecedingTalks have been extended by another six months.
  31. foreign affairs
    Can Americans Stomach Another ISIS Slaughter?Officials in the city of Kobani are warning of “5,000 dead within 24 or 36 hours.”
  32. NATO Coalition Plans to ‘Destroy’ ISISBut the red line is boots on the ground.
  33. war in iraq
    The U.S. Is Arming Kurdish Forces in Iraq While Waiting for a New GovernmentThe Pentagon won’t say where the weapons are coming from.
  34. international affairs
    What John Kerry’s Botched Gaza Plan Says About His Political EvolutionIs his “emotional commitment” to Israel ?
  35. kerry kronicles
    3 Things John Kerry Was Trying to Accomplish With His Surprise Israel VisitThere’s a lot to do, and no one wants to do it.
  36. international affairs
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Yes, Kerry Can Help End the Gaza WarNetanyahu has fumbled the situation and needs the U.S. help to make a deal.
  37. diplomacy
    John Kerry Seems Frustrated by Israel’s Gaza Strategy A hot-mike moment.
  38. disasters
    Pro-Russia Rebels Seize Bodies of Malaysia Airlines Crash Victims And the plane’s black boxes.
  39. early and awkward
    John Kerry Was Just Resting His EyesThe Secretary of State insists he was not napping during that press conference in Poland.
  40. spy games
    John Kerry to Edward Snowden: ‘Man Up’The secretary of state is not impressed by the leaker’s interview from Russia.
  41. early and awkward
    John Kerry Regrets Saying Israel Could Become an ‘Apartheid State’He wishes he could “rewind the tape.”
  42. oh russia
    Breaking Down Putin’s Lies About UkraineFact-checking the Russian president’s outlandish press conference.
  43. international affairs
    Ukrainian Troops Put on High Alert in Anticipation of ‘Potential Aggression’The day after Russia’s parliament approved the use of military force there.
  44. Spring Time For Kerry
    John Kerry Has Great Taste in RestaurantsThe 40-seat restaurant sure beats raw potatoes.
  45. the ones that got away
    Kerry, Romney Say America Blew Its Chance to Make Them PresidentSo stop begging.
  46. photo op
    Photo Quiz: What the Hell Is John Kerry Doing? (Part Three)This time, with potatoes.
  47. politics
    John Kerry Fist-Bumping Snoop Dogg Is Somehow Not That AwkwardWatch a GIF and video. 
  48. syria
    Did the Obama Administration Mislead the Public on Syria? Seymour Hersh thinks so.
  49. international intrigue
    Nuclear Negotiations With Iran Were Kept Super SecretNews outlets knew of talks before the U.S. told Israel.
  50. international affairs
    Iran Agrees to Temporary Plan to Curb Its Nuclear ProgramIn exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.
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