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Joe Klein Banned From Straight Talk Air

Despite the fact that there were empty seats, ‘Time’ columnist and ‘Primary Colors’ author Joe Klein has not been able to get a seat on the McCain campaign plane.

By Jessica Pressler

The Sports Media Goes Political!

This week: The local sporting press turns its attention to the presidential race.

By Joe DeLessio and Will Leitch

At Last, the Candidates Find Their Senses of Humor

On 'Letterman' and at last night's Alfred E. Smith dinner, the candidates get some laughs — and not the nasty, 'I hate you' type of laughs they earned during the debates.

By Chris Rovzar

Heilemann: Obama Nails the Debate Trifecta

You might be able to argue that McCain won more specific points, but his cranky tone and incessant smirks practically handed the debate to Obama.

By John Heilemann