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  1. dream casting
    Isabelle Huppert to Smolder Through Matthew Weiner’s Series The RomanoffsThe Oscar nominee will star alongside Mad Men alums John Slattery and Christina Hendricks.
  2. excellent bits
    Jon Hamm, John Slattery Understudy for Oh, HelloYour bizarro world St. Geegland and Faizon.
  3. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Beat John Slattery for a Role“I came here to tell you to go f*ck yourself.”
  4. fall preview 2016
    The Front Page’s Stars on Playing Journalists“Part of the issue with trusting the media now is that it’s as partisan as politics.”
  5. mad men
    Can We Examine Roger Sterling’s New Mustache for a Minute? Thank you, Mad Men.
  6. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Peggy’s Pussy Bow ReturnsSo much symbolism in this week’s costumes.
  7. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Preview: Don’s Hawaiian ShirtSeason six brings sideburns, more plaid, and lots of sparkles.
  8. before and after
    Mad Men Looks: Red Carpet and CostumesDoes Don Draper have more style than Jon Hamm?
  9. vulture chat
    Video: Slattery and Gilford on In Our NatureThey play a father and son in In Our Nature, opening today.
  10. exclusive
    Watch an Exclusive Clip From In Our NatureJohn Slattery’s moved from LSD to pot.
  11. directorial chairs
    Jon Hamm and John Slattery Directing More Mad Men EpisodesHamm has directed once before, Slattery thrice.
  12. inquiring minds
    Ask John Slattery and Zach Gilford AnythingWe’re interviewing them tomorrow.
  13. cameos to end all cameos
    John Slattery Coming to Arrested DevelopmentIn multiple episodes!
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Why Not Lucky’s?John Slattery doesn’t dine like Roger Sterling, either.
  15. Interviews
    Mad Men’s John Slattery Isn’t Actually a Fan of GibsonsRoger Sterling is kind of a teetotaler.
  16. chat room
    Mad Men’s John Slattery on Roger’s Naked Trip“Who wants to be naked in front of a camera?”
  17. party chat
    John Slattery Didn’t Quit the Subway After All“That was a joke!”
  18. mad men
    Watch the Guys From Mad Men Bowl Against Weird AlDon Draper bowls now.
  19. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: John Slattery Reenacted the Rihanna Moves Behind His ‘GQ’ Cover ShootPlus: Judd Apatow might consider penile rejuvenation surgery, as long as it’s of the even-ing out sort, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  20. mad men
    See the Mad Men Characters As DogsLane, we could just kiss you!
  21. beauty marks
    The Body Shop Taps Lily Cole; Elle Expands to BeautyPlus, Eva Longoria plans to release a second scent, and more beauty news.
  22. beefs
    John Slattery Explains January Jones, Mad Men’s Many Bobby Drapers“They can’t seem to find one who doesn’t look straight into the lens.”
  23. mad men
    See What It Would Look Like If Mad Men’s Don and Roger Were Outed Gay LoversMakes sense …
  24. party chat
    Vulture Ruined the Subway for John Slattery“You wrote that thing. I can’t take the subway anymore.”
  25. in our nature
    Watch the Trailer for Buzzy Drama In Our Nature, With John Slattery and Zach GilfordAll your favorite people are here: John Slattery! Zach Gilford! Gabrielle Union! If you can’t make it to SXSW for the premiere, there’s always the Internet.
  26. mad men
    John Slattery Thinks Bobby Draper Was Overreacting a Little BitJanuary Jones is “a sweetheart,” he says.
  27. Sorry, Soho Celebs: The Sanitation Department Is Moving In After AllJohn Slattery’s going to be so pissed.
  28. party chat
    Nine Things We Learned About John Slattery Last Night“A friend of mine owns a Christmas-tree facility in Maine. I think I might be the official voice of that.”
  29. chat room
    John Slattery ‘Entertained’ by Roger Sterling Suicide Theories“He handled himself in World War II, he can handle himself in business.”
  30. neighborhood news
    Giant Pretend Block of Salt to House Actual Block of Salt on the West Side HighwayYes, it’s confusing.
  31. clickables
    Watch Roger Sterling’s Car CommercialRelax and let John Slattery sell you a Lincoln MKX.
  32. mad men
    John Slattery to Guest on 30 RockAs a wannabe congressman.
  33. Mad Men’s John Slattery Guest Starring on 30 RockFirst Don Draper, now Roger Sterling. Apparently, Mad Men’s John Slattery will be playing a candidate running for congress in this season’s […]
  34. ad man
    Roger Sterling Turns Car SalesmanJohn Slattery is the new spokesman for Lincoln cars.
  35. quote machine
    Peeing on a Boat Not As Fun As It Sounds, Claims Adam ScottPlus: Christina Applegate responsible for all the smut on TV.
  36. chat room
    John Slattery on Directing Mad Men“Lizzy Moss said, ‘I’m having a hard time taking you serious.’”
  37. mad men
    Which Mad Men Character Will Drop Acid First?“My name is Peggy Olson, and I’d like to try some lysergic acid diethylamide.”
  38. tv
    Will Arnett, John Slattery, Bradley Cooper: A Tribute to the Forgotten Men of Sex and the CityWill Arnett and Cynthia Nixon!
  39. sterling cooper
    Dominic Cooper to Play Young Roger Sterling in Captain AmericaDominic Cooper tells Salon that he’s signed up to star in Marvel’s upcoming ‘Captain America’ as a young Howard Stark.
  40. trailer mix
    The Adjustment Bureau Trailer: Fedoras for EveryoneOr at least Matt Damon and John Slattery.
  41. mad men
    Okay, the New Mad Men Barbies Look Kind of CoolIt was only a matter of time before Betty and Don got the Mattel treatment.
  42. party chat
    Chloë Sevigny, Tony Shalhoub, and Bobby Cannavale: Actors, Yay. Bowlers, Nay.At Second Stage Theater’s bowling fund-raiser, it was all about the ugly shirts, not the high scores.
  43. mad men
    John Slattery Declares Mad Men Beard War“Underachieving and desperate. It’s a dainty beard … And he dyes it!”
  44. mad men
    The Beards of Mad Men Reviewed“Jon Hamm probably grew that beard in the time it took to drive to the SAG Awards.”
  45. vulture lists
    5 Things That Might Happen on the Mad Men FinaleMaybe a character will die or something. No harm in guessing!
  46. quote machine
    Hypothetical Roger Sterling Action Figure Would Have a Dong, Says John SlatteryPlus: Don’t sit next to Rachel McAdams on a plane.
  47. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Gracie CarvalhoIf you want to know who will be the next Brazilian bombshell to follow in the footsteps of Gisele Bündchen, wonder no more.
  48. vulture lists
    10 Top SNL Sketches From Season 34From Sarah Palin impressions to people jizzing in their pants, the most memorable moments from a seminal season.
  49. Slattery and Ambrose Honor Howard BinghamHe’s a go-getter on the auction front.
  50. Lindsay Lohan Has Been Dismissed and DissedFirst she was dumped by Samantha, and now she’s been dissed by her idol. The trials of Lilo, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
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