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John Thune

  1. bad timing
    CBS Host Compliments Senator’s Looks During Sexual-Assault SegmentHe was discussing sexual-assault scandals on Capitol Hill.
  2. Right-Wing Leaders Call for Mitch McConnell’s Head on a SpikeMitch McConnell’s never been a hero to conservatives. But the animus is getting white-hot, as a letter calling for him to step down illustrates.
  3. Senator’s Strategy to Combat Gun Violence: ‘Get Small’It’s just common sense.
  4. veepstakes
    The Possibly Unbearable Handsomeness of a Romney-Thune TicketThere is word that little-known South Dakota Senator John Thune is a VP possibility.
  5. Guy Most People Have Never Heard of Isn’t Running for PresidentJohn Thune will remain in the Senate.
  6. What You Need to Know About CPACThe gay controversy, the Palin controversy, the presidential horse race, and more.
  7. Two Hottest Senators Just Happen to Decide to Sit Together at the State of the UnionKirsten Gillibrand and John Thune are the hot senators of which we speak.
  8. Will Voters Be Able to Resist John Thune’s Perfect, Sexy Face in 2012?According to science, the Republican from South Dakota may be our next president.
  9. GOP Disappointed That Sotomayor Is So BoringTheir base isn’t even enraged! What a disaster!