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  1. Landline Trailer: John Turturro’s a Cheater and Jenny Slate Knows ItLandline opens in select theaters on July 21.
  2. crowdfunding
    Riz Ahmed Is Raising Money for Syrian Refugees Ahmed is present with his legal representative, John Turturro.
  3. first looks
    A First Look at The Big Lebowski Sequel Is HerePurple is still his color.
  4. theater
    John Turturro, Tony Shalhoub Board Broadway PlayThe two will star alongside Jessica Hecht in The Price
  5. ask an expert
    John Turturro’s Feet on Night Of: An Assessment“We use higher-tech treatment than Crisco on the Upper East Side of New York, anyway.”
  6. tv review
    HBO’s The Night Of Unfolds Like a Fat Crime NovelIt’s the longest, bleakest Law & Order episode ever. 
  7. mother loving
    How to Love Your Mother Like an Italian Hint: Let her think you’re Jesus.
  8. casting couch
    Woody Allen Will Act in John Turturro’s Fading GigoloIn which the two start an escort service.
  9. Celebrity Kitchens
    John Turturro Wants You to Enjoy Your Spaghetti and SauceTurturro: As adept at tomato blanching as you might think.
  10. John Turturro Spells Theater As TheatreThe legendary actor fills out our patented questionnaire.
  11. wangs
    Maybe Transformers 2 Won’t Be So Bad, After All?We’ve got two words for you: Decepticon testicles.
  12. How to Seduce Yigal Azrouël, John Turturro, and Patricia ClarksonNo “beautiful, dumb” girls for Turturro. But Clarkson is a little less discerning.
  13. the industry
    Johnny Depp, Public Enemy No. 1Plus the Breeders, John Brolin, and John Turturro in a garbage can.
  14. vulture lists
    10 Worst Movies Directed by ActorsAnd Dances With Wolves was number 11!
  15. John Turturro’s ‘Romance & Cigarettes’ Comes HomeJohn Turturro is hoping his movie Romance & Cigarettes is really going to make it this time. The indie musical about working-class neighbors in Queens who sing classic pop songs as an escape was a festival darling in 2005, but it’s only now getting an American release. “I feel like Odysseus,” Turturro told the audience at last night’s premiere of the flick. “Our little boat lost its way, and it’s finally found its way home.” Sweet and surprising, the movie has perhaps the funniest sex scene of the decade, with Kate Winslet spewing the most astonishing obscenities as a tarty underwear salesgirl having an affair with a married construction worker, played by James Gandolfini. “She just started making things up,” said Turturro. However the film fares here, Italians, at least, love it. Flying back from a trip to Naples, Turturro said, his e-ticket got lost in the system. Then ticket guy recognized him. “You made Romance & Cigarettes, no? Buonissimo! I get you your ticket.” Then his fellow ticket guy jumped in. “Yeah, but I hear you’re having a lot of trouble in America.” —Jada Yuan Bonus Party Lines: John Turturro on dancing, Bobby Cannavale on singing, Susan Sarandon and Bebe Neuwirth on their worst jobs, and Aida Turturro on her underwear, plus lots more, at our Romance & Cigarettes Interactive Party Lines.
  16. overnights
    ‘The Bronx Is Burning’: The Platt/Turturro Scoreboard, First InningWatching this miniseries is almost like watching a Yankee Stadium slugfest between John Turturro and Oliver Platt!
  17. the industry
    Mike Myers, Only Remaining Actor Never Attached to ‘Walter Mitty,’ Attached to ‘Walter Mitty’