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  1. Beetlejuice Suits & Meggings at the Men’s ShowsSee all the spring 2016 runway shows from New York
  2. the hit list
    I Didn’t Go to Men’s Fashion Week to Make FriendsBut I did anyway. Adventures with Christian Slater, parkourists, acute vertigo, and a Red Hot Chili Pepper.
  3. the cut portfolio
    Backstage in Milan: Hard Abs and Man-Barrettes Behind the scenes at Prada, Versace, Gucci, and more.
  4. man braids
    Willie Nelson’s Epic Braids Star in John Varvatos AdsLet’s take a moment to celebrate men with plaits.
  5. great expectations
    Is New York Ready to Hold a Men’s Fashion Week (Again)?It could happen this summer.
  6. loose threads
    Nude Miranda Kerr Photos Surface; See Nicki Minaj in Adidas’s New VideoPlus, Kanye could be showing at fashion week again.
  7. slash jobs
    Fashion Star to Return for a Second SeasonCue the fireworks.
  8. gummy scares
    Old Wad of Already-Been-Chewed Gum Foils Varvatos ShoplifterWell, retroactively.
  9. fashion star
    Fashion Star’s Ratings Went UpSay what?
  10. fashion star
    Will You Give Fashion Star a Second Shot?And not just for the pyrotechnics, that is.
  11. quotables
    John Varvatos on Fashion Star Fame: ‘I Still Wonder What It Means’You could say the same about the show itself.
  12. fashion star
    Fashion Star Harder to Parse Than a NovelSeriously, it’s confusing.
  13. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jon Bernthal Had a Real-Life Hero Moment As He Went Method from ’Walking Dead’ to ‘L.A. Noir’Plus: John Varvatos calls the tremendously pregnant Jessica Simpson “Swamp-ass,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  14. loose threads
    Tag Heuer Taps Diaz; Oprah Wins DVF AwardPlus, Sears selling very rude kids’ T-shirts, John Varvatos gets bought out, and more fashion news.
  15. loose threads
    Accessory Crowns Winner; Investor for VarvatosPlus, Russian Vogue took Crystal Renn and Alana Zimmer to the circus.
  16. party lines
    Chris Brown Thinks New York Fashion Week Is Snobby“I’ve done it in Milan, Paris, different places.”
  17. trendlet
    Slideshow: 23 Dude-Approved Necklaces, Bracelets, and RingsSee our top picks from Margiela, Species by the Thousands, Surface to Air, and more.
  18. quotables
    John Varvatos Calls Banana Republic and the Gap ‘Followers’Which is obviously not how he sees himself.
  19. loose threads
    Win a Trip to a Marc Jacobs Show; Swedish Elle Feels SnubbedAlso, Joe Zee wore Chanel’s furry suit around New York in the heat.
  20. vu.
    Varvatos on FifthJohn Varvatos has found a new place to hang his fabulous clothes.
  21. milan men's fashion week 2011
    New From Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Versace, Missoni, John Varvatos, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, and MoreGet your fill of man candy in our comprehensive fashion-show galleries.
  22. menswear
    Should There Be a New York Menswear Fashion Week? Michael Bastian Thinks So, CFDA Is IffyOr will menswear designers keep fleeing to show in Europe?
  23. beauty marks
    Heidi Montag Done With Plastic Surgery; Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Short DoAnd John Varvatos is releasing a new fragrance.
  24. party report
    John Varvatos Knows When a Competitor Is Planning to Knock Him Off“When other brands come in and it has their name on the credit card, and they’re buying $20,000 or $10,000 worth of your stuff, you know they’re knocking you off.”
  25. loose threads
    Mark Indelicato Might Intern at Carolina Herrera; Marc Jacobs Dresses Miss PiggyAlso, designers eat and cook.
  26. ad pages
    John Varvatos Turns ZZ Top Into Sharp-Dressed MenThe casuals designer uses bearded bluesmen for new campaign.
  27. animals
    Raccoon Invades John Varvatos in Soho“He was trying to hang on to the [security] camera like it was a tree.”
  28. beauty marks
    Michael Phelps Has a Porn Mustache; Lady Gaga’s Reason for Being BlondeJohn Varvatos’s new scent smells like rock and roll. Kinda.
  29. video look book
    Itzhak Bishburg’s Style Is ‘A Hundred Percent Soul’Scope out his labels in this week’s Video Look Book
  30. show & tell
    Project Runway Show: Strong Collections, Weak SpectacleEven with all the cutbacks and trimming down this week, it was hard to find a sorrier spectacle than this morning’s ‘Project Runway’ show.
  31. three's a trend
    Fall Is the Season of the Leather DaddyFrom Versace to Prada to Neil Barrett to Gianfranco Ferréhides went head-to-toe.
  32. retail therapy
    Bundle Up With 120 Cozy Fall SweatersFrom V-necks to pullovers to cardigans, we’ve got you covered for fall at prices you can afford.
  33. John Varvatos Considers Switching to Milan ShowsThe New York Fashion Week schedule just doesn’t make sense for a menswear designer.
  34. party lines
    Video: Jane’s Addiction at John VarvatosWhat was the first night that Jane’s Addiction played CBGB? Last night, sort of!
  35. gossipmonger
    Alex Rodriguez Still Dating Cynthia Look-alikesPlus, everything else you need to know from today’s gossip columns.
  36. neighborhood watch
    John Varvatos Replaces Indies With UndiesUnbelievable trauma visited upon the children of the Slope, outer Queens folks take a protest of a “whore motel” out to Great Neck, and John Varvatos’s carrionlike radar takes him to the meatpacking district. And other stuff in our daily hood scoper.
  37. NewsFeed
    John Varvatos Exploits Pays Tribute to FlorentA new ad promises the bistro will live forever.
  38. party lines
    Tim Gunn on Scary L.A., ‘Project Runway,’ and John McCainGunn isn’t looking forward to moving to L.A. for ‘Project Runway”s sixth season, on Lifetime. Also, he’d like to see John McCain in some Varvatos.
  39. loose threads
    Kate Moss Lends Her House to Stella McCartneyAlso, iconic pieces by Yves Saint Laurent hit the auction block, and Carrie’s studded belt is available for presale at Patricia Field.
  40. NewsFeed
    Protesters Rage Against East Village Wine BarsOne sign read BAN BELLINI, SAY YUCK TO YUPPIES.
  41. loose threads
    Nicole Kidman to Do Pregnant ‘Vogue’ Cover?Also, John Varvatos’s New York show might not happen, Heidi Klum poses high fashion for once, and Agyness Deyn might be single now.
  42. first responders
    Rogan on Bowery Preview: Fashionistas and Forties!Far from the rarefied air of Barneys, where his Target line will go on sale on Friday, the enviro-friendly designer seemed quite at home in his new retail space.
  43. company town
    Buyouts Not Enough? ‘Times’ Newsroom Braces for ClearanceAlso, the rest of today’s media, finance, law and real-estate news.
  44. gossipmonger
    The Real Housewives Successfully Stretch Their Fifteen Minutes Into at Least TwentyThey were sniping at a viewing party for the show’s reunion special earlier this week. That, and all the rest of the city’s best gossip in our daily roundup.
  45. loose threads
    Gucci Is Down! Anna Wintour Avoids TenjuneGucci’s profits take a rare hit, French ‘Elle’ has a new spawn, and Anna Wintour didn’t stay long at Maria Sharapova’s birthday party at Tenjune.
  46. run through
    By Moving Into CBGB, Varvatos Saved the Bowery From a BankMuch to the chagrin of many a hipster, blogger, and grizzled ol’ punk, John Varvatos just opened a new store in CBGB’s old home, and he doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere. But maybe everyone should hold off the Haterade for a second.
  47. gossipmonger
    Alex P. Keaton May Have Made a Sex TapeWeird wiretapper Anthony Pellicano says he knows what Michael J. Fox did back in 1990. Plus, Ashlee Simpson pregnancy rumors persist, Adrian Grenier gets a girlfriend, and more in our daily squeeze of the juice from New York gossip columns.
  48. show & tell
    Video Store Tour: Inside John VarvatosMenswear designer John Varvatos describes his new store at 315 Bowery as a “cultural space” — a generous term for what was once the dirtiest, punkest club in the East Village.
  49. party lines
    John Varvatos Likes His Male Models TipsyWalking backstage at John Varvatos’s show at the top of 7 World Trade Center last night, we were a little taken aback to see some 30 high-cheekboned man-children throwing back Peronis and Champagne.
  50. run through
    Shows Starting on Schedule Wreak Havoc, Destroy LivesEarlier today, the Fug Girls experienced the unmitigated horror that was the Oscar de la Renta show, which ran … on time. It is with great regret that we report that this was not an isolated event
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