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Navigating ‘Pilot Season’ with Sarah Silverman and Sam Seder

If you want to make a movie, you can. That’s not to say it won’t take a lot of work from a lot of friends, and potentially, even more money, but it can be done. Twenty years ago, not so much. That’s what makes the 1997 film Who’s the Caboose? [...]

By Ramsey Ess

Jon Benjamin’s Intentionally Bad Jazz LP Is Out This Friday

Jon Benjamin wants to help you ring in the holiday season with the smooth, sweet sounds of jazz. The A.V. Club reports that this Friday, November 27th, Benjamin will release his very own, "intentionally bad" jazz LP (mixed by Bob's Burgers [...]

By Megh Wright

Comedy Central Will Air ‘Archer’ Reruns Starting Next Year

There's going to be a lot more Archer on TV in 2015. Comedy Central has obtained off-network syndication rights to the FX series and will start airing reruns of it in May 2015, Deadline reports. Comedy Central previously signed a similar deal [...]

By Bradford Evans

‘Archer’ Season 5 Ditches Espionage for the Better

The best thing about Archer being an animated show is that anything is possible. We've seen the ISIS gang travel across the world, fight pirates in space, and adventure beneath the sea. It makes sense, then, that for the new season Adam Reed [...]

By Brianna Wellen

Jon Benjamin Discusses His ‘Worst Gig Ever’

Here's the first episode of Worst Gig Ever, a web series from YouTube's channel Official Comedy, that's a video version of Mike Pace and Geoff Garlock's podcast of the same name. Their guest for the web series debut is Jon Benjamin, who has all [...]

By Bradford Evans

Fun Fun Fun Fest Has a Funny Funny Funny Comedy Line-Up

What a great trend it has been for music festivals to include comedians. Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest, which this year runs from November 2-4, is one such example. This year's festival will include performances from Hannibal Buress, Wyatt Cenac, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Jon Benjamin Is America’s (or England’s?) Worst Father, Maybe

In the above video, Jon Benjamin explains that he has been speaking to his son only in a British accent since he was four months old. His son is now nine and has no idea his dad is not British. This is probably a bit. Yet, maybe it isn't. When [...]

By Jesse David Fox

10 Promising TV Series That Weren’t Picked Up

Every year, TV networks horde up pilots for potential new shows and then whittle this group down to a few programs that actually make it to air. While it's often the case that these passed-over pilots are rejected for good reasons, there have [...]

By Bradford Evans