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Jon Stewart Appears on the Egyptian Version of ‘The Daily Show’

On hiatus from The Daily Show to direct his first movie, Jon Stewart dropped by the set of Egypt's equivalent to The Daily Show to tape an appearance that airs tonight. Called Al-Bernameg (The Program), the show is hosted by Bassem Youssef, [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch John Oliver’s Excellent Debut as ‘Daily Show’ Host

Last night was John Oliver's first episode hosting The Daily Show, while Jon Stewart spends the summer directing a movie, and he had a smooth and funny transition into the anchor's seat. Oliver masterfully covered the NSA wiretapping scandal, [...]

By Bradford Evans

John Oliver Takes Over for the Summer as ‘Daily Show’ Host Tonight

John Oliver is hosting The Daily Show for the first time tonight. He'll be steering the ship of television's #1 fake news show throughout the summer while Jon Stewart takes some time off to direct an Oscar bait movie. Oliver's guest tonight is [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch John Oliver Take Over for Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’

Last night was Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show for three months, while he takes his first-ever hiatus from the fake news program to direct his first movie, the geopolitical prison drama Rosewater. Here's his heartfelt goodbye at [...]

By Bradford Evans

Tonight Is Jon Stewart’s Last ‘Daily Show’ for Three Months

Longtime Daily Show host Jon Stewart is taking his first-ever hiatus from the late night fake news series after tonight's episode. The show will be Stewart's last for three months, during which he'll be directing his first movie, the [...]

By Bradford Evans

Details on John Oliver’s Summer ‘Daily Show’ Hosting Stint

Jon Stewart surprised a lot of people in March when he decided to take the summer off from hosting The Daily Show to direct his first movie, a geopolitical drama called Rosewater. Longtime Daily Show correspondent John Oliver will be taking his [...]

By Bradford Evans

Jon Stewart Has an Inspiring Monologue About Boston

Last night was Jon Stewart's first show back since the Boston tragedy, and he started the show by discussing the previous day's events with his audience. Like the opening to Craig Ferguson's show the night before, it's a heartfelt and [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch Jon Stewart Interview Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter went on The Daily Show last night for a long chat with Jon Stewart about terrifying health problems in underdeveloped countries and current events. Carter is the second US President to appear on Comedy Central this [...]

By Bradford Evans