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Did Jon Stewart’s Audience Ruin His Obama Interview?

Jon Stewart's interview of Barack Obama last night was a good one, with the comedian not shying away from pointed questions about the first two years of his presidency. But there was one aspect of it that just about ruined it: the audience.

By Adam Frucci

Jon Stewart: ‘It’s Not the Anti-Glenn Beck Rally’

Jon Stewart was on Larry King Live last night to discuss the upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. He assures Larry that the rally is not political. Sure thing, Jon, but something tells me that that's now how the 24 hour networks are [...]

By Adam Frucci

Jon Stewart To Be On Larry King Live Tonight

Jon Stewart will be joining the mummified, suspender-bedecked corpse of Larry King tonight on CNN at 9pm. There's no new Daily Show or Colbert Report this week, so take what you can get.

By Adam Frucci

Obama to Go On The Daily Show Next Wednesday

Next week, The Daily Show will be taping in Washington DC as they ramp up to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. And next Wednesday, Jon Stewart will welcome Barack Obama to the show, the first time a sitting president has appeared as a [...]

By Adam Frucci

Jon Stewart Will Broadcast Live on Election Night

The NY Times' Brian Stelter confirms that The Daily Show will broadcast live on election night, 11/2. Colbert will follow in his normal time slot, but he won't be live.

By Adam Frucci