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Jonathan Chait

  1. Forget ‘Tax Reform.’ Republicans Will Settle for Tax Cuts for the Rich.For all the talk of “tax reform,” Republicans would prefer to offset tax cuts with spending cuts, and in the end won’t insist on offsets at all.
  2. Trump Has Made Up At Least 4 Lies About His Refugee BanThe only purpose of this policy is to retroactively justify Trump’s campaign fearmongering.
  3. Fiery Debate on Wagner: Chait vs. GOP SenatorOn NOW With Alex Wagner.
  4. Honey, I Shrunk the EconomyBig government is finally getting its boot off the throat of American capitalism!
  5. A November Loss Could Be Just What the GOP NeedsPanelists moderated by Frank Rich consider the options.
  6. Chait on Piers: ‘Binders’ Trivializes CampaignHe just missed the word,” says Chait.
  7. Lessons From Obama’s Debate ScareHe’s still clinging to a lead.
  8. Chait: Romney and His ‘47 Percent’ TrickRepublicans say ‘income taxes’ to make people think all taxes — it’s a trick.”
  9. Jonathan Chait on NOW with Alex Wagner: Paul Ryan, Genuine Salesman?Paul Ryan’s the guy who really figured out what the Republicans are going to do if they can get a hold of this power and Romney is just the one who’s executing it.”
  10. Jonathan Chait on Hardball: Disgruntled LiberalsHe says there’s a broad dissatisfaction with President Obama among the left.
  11. Tim Pawlenty Reality CheckHow can he be the front-runner if he’s barely getting any support?
  12. Magazine Editors Respond to Criticisms Over Dearth of Female BylinesYep. Sorry.”
  13. Andrew Breitbart Willing to Pay $100,000 for Mundane Chat LogsHe hopes the JournoList e-mails will reveal a secret liberal conspiracy.
  14. Jonathan Chait on Obama’s Place in HistoryHe’s no FDR or LBJ, but he has still “sealed his reputation as a president of great historical import.”
  15. early and often
    Did Scott Brown’s Win Really Change Anything?Jonathan Chait wonders.