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  1. freedom
    Scott Rudin’s Bookshelf: What Hasn’t He Made?He’s still working on ‘The Corrections.’
  2. quote machine
    Jon Hamm’s Handsomeness All an ActPlus: Jonathan Franzen thinks he looks shifty.
  3. books
    Can Jonathan Franzen Handle the Scrutiny?The book is still a day away from being the news. For now, it’s still him.
  4. freedom
    Update: Franzen’s Freedom Briefly LeakedIt was up on Amazon yesterday, four whole days before its official release.
  5. books
    Read an Excerpt From Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom1,300 words!
  6. author versus author
    Jodi Picoult: ‘The Times Favors White Male Authors’Jodi!
  7. obamacation
    When You’re the President, You Don’t Have to Wait for Jonathan Franzen’s New Novel to Come OutObama gets an advance copy, because come on.
  8. freedom
    Rudin Buys Franzen’s FreedomScott Rudin just optioned Franzen’s much-acclaimed new book.
  9. in the magazine
    Anderson on Franzen’s Freedom: ‘A Work of Total Genius’“A reminder … of why everyone got so excited about Franzen in the first place.”
  10. franzen
    Jonathan Franzen, Cover BoyFor his new novel ‘Freedom,’ he’ll be on the cover of ‘Time.’
  11. books
    Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom Gets Its First ReviewAnd it’s a rave.
  12. beefs
    Bret Easton Ellis Has Good Sense to Hate EntourageGood for him!
  13. kudos
    Hope, Change, and Upset at National Book Awards CeremonyNaturally, you’d expect it to be Aleksander Hemon’s year, but the winner was … Peter Matthiessen.
  14. news reel
    Jonathan Franzen Rails Against Cell Phones, Microsoft Word, and Love at Book ReadingHe redefined privacy as ‘sparing me from the intrusion of other people’s personal lives.’
  15. company town
    Jonathan Franzen’s Latest (Unsurprising) Target Is Michiko Kakutani’Vanity Fair’ fights back over the Miley Cyrus pictures, Stuyvesant Town has a square dance, and more, in our daily industry roundup.