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  1. urban planning
    The Death of a SkyscraperWhat does it mean for New York if a Wall Street bank knocks down a historic building to harvest some tax incentives?
  2. the controversies never cease
    J.P. Morgan Chase Pulls Ads Over Megyn Kelly’s Upcoming Alex Jones InterviewNBC is now facing a backlash over Kelly’s upcoming sit-down with the well-known conspiracy theorist.
  3. That Raise Jamie Dimon Gave to JPMorgan’s Lowest-Paid Employees? It’s PunyA $1.85-per-hour raise spread out over three years from a man who took home $27 million last year.
  4. JPMorgan Chase Got Megahacked This Summer76 million customers were affected.
  5. leaning out then in
    Fancy Firms Offer Internships for MomsAt least they’re paid.
  6. J.P. Morgan Doesn’t Want Its Young Bankers Jumping Ship, EitherThe bank is giving analysts and associates one work-proof weekend a month.
  7. Madoff Says He Helped Regulators With JP MorganNothing I could do at this point would help my image.”
  8. JPMorgan Might Have Conducted Some Marginally Effective Bribery in ChinaThe strange case of Wen Jiabao’s daughter, a.k.a. “Lily Chang.”
  9. Wall Street Banks Are Falling All Over Themselves to Suck Up to TwitterTrack jackets, “Rockin’ Robin,” and ticker crawls, all in the name of business.
  10. JPMorgan Chase Will Probably Give the Federal Government $13 BillionIt’s a record-breaking settlement.
  11. Is This the Beginning of the End for Jamie Dimon?JPMorgan Chase’s lawsuit-related losses may turn insiders against him.
  12. London Whale Costs JPMorgan $920 Million in Addition to All of That Other MoneyThe bank is settling up with four regulators today.
  13. The London Whale’s Bizarre EscapeBruno Iksil is avoiding charges by throwing his colleagues under the bus.
  14. How Jamie Dimon Kept His JobThe lobbying effort to keep Dimon in power was an all-hands affair.
  15. JPMorgan Chase Is in Trouble With Regulators, Part XXVIIJamie Dimon’s legal issues continue.
  16. Senate Report Blasts JPMorgan Over ‘London Whale’ LossesIt was a bit more serious than a “tempest in a teapot.”
  17. Jamie Dimon Is About to Get Attacked With TreesBank “branch” indeed.
  18. Did Ina Drew Deserve the Boot After All?A counter-narrative emerges.
  19. A Better Way to Punish Jamie DimonCutting Dimon’s bonus won’t matter to him; instead, his board should push for better disclosures.
  20. Jamie Dimon’s Bonus Is in DangerThe London Whale strikes again!
  21. Justin Bieber Has Beef With JPMorgan [Updated]The Biebz was spurned over a Ping-Pong room.
  22. The Fixers: How Fix the Debt Won Over Wall Street and Built a Fiscal Cliff ArmyAn exclusive look inside the biggest movement in business.
  23. Meet Jamie Dimon’s New Money HandlerJPMorgan Chase just appointed Marianne Lake as CFO.
  24. How Screwed Is This Bank?: JPMorgan Chase/Wells Fargo EditionOur new earnings series.
  25. Jamie Dimon’s Tom Brady Pep TalkYes, Tom Brady.
  26. The Primacy of Judgment on Wall StreetAnd why Ina Drew almost had the right kind.
  27. New York AG Sues Picked-Over Carcass of Bear Stearns for Mortgage FraudOr JPMorgan Chase, if we’re being technical.
  28. The Libor Scandal Is About to Hit HomeHere come the subpoenas!
  29. Paul Ryan Is Not an Insider TraderNor a very good stock trader in general.
  30. JPMorgan Beaches London Whale, Suggests Traders May Have LiedIt also restated its earnings for last quarter.
  31. The Politics of Wall Street ClawbacksWho gets the claw? Who doesn’t?
  32. Did JPMorgan Shut Down a Plaza to Fend Off Occupy Protesters?The bank can’t tell us why it has fenced off a piece of Lower Manhattan.
  33. JPMorgan’s Trading Losses May Be Bigger Than Expected$9 billion? $5 billion? What’s the difference?
  34. Moody’s Takes Big Banks Down a Notch or, in Most Cases, TwoOddly, some banks are relieved.
  35. Jamie Dimon’s Second Capitol Hill Visit Was a Lot Less Brownnose-yA video recap.
  36. Jamie Dimon Wears Ballsy Presidential Cuff Links AgainHe wore them to his House hearing today. This guy.
  37. Grading Jamie Dimon’s Congressional GrillingHow’d everyone do?
  38. JPMorgan Less Liked Than Goldman Sachs, for the MomentThat’s what losing more than $2 billion will do.
  39. Report: Dimon ‘Couldn’t Breathe’ When He Saw JPMorgan LossesThe report also says the losses could total as much as $5 billion.
  40. JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Said to Reach at Least $3 BillionAs previously speculated.
  41. JPMorgan Sued by Shareholders Over LossesSome investors aren’t taking that $2 billion misstep so well.
  42. white men with money
    House GOP Delays Financial Regulation Vote in Light of JPMorgan DebacleIt’s just not a good time, okay?
  43. FBI Jumps on the JPMorgan Investigation Bandwagon The FBI has plenty of company.
  44. JPMorgan Shareholders Approve Jamie Dimon’s Pay Amid Justice Department InquiryThe CEO’s pay package was approved, but probably before the bank announced its huge loss.
  45. Obama Says JPMorgan ‘One of the Best-Managed Banks There Is’Backhanded compliment?
  46. JPMorgan Not Done Answering for $2 Billion LossThe fallout from the $2 billion loss isn’t over yet.
  47. Three JPMorgan Executives to Exit This Week Owing to Massive Loss [Update]They are being held accountable.
  48. Dimonfreude: Jamie Dimon’s $2 Billion Loss Is His Enemies’ GainThe SEC and Carl Levin are the latest to join the JPMorgan pile-on.
  49. Meet JPMorgan’s ‘London Whale’ Bruno IskilHe’s the man responsible for $2 billion in losses so far.
  50. Jamie Dimon Thinks the New York Times Hates BanksHe told Joe Nocera so in the elevator.
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