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Julian Castro

  1. early and often
    Julián Castro Is Officially Running for President and Hopes It Will MatterOne of the Democrats’ rising stars is taking his shot and saying he’s the “antidote to Trump,” but how many people will be paying attention?
  2. RNC to Paint Clinton’s VP Choice As an Insult to Bernie BackersProject Pander” will attack Clinton’s VP choice for being too conservative — and/or too liberal — for Sanders supporters.
  3. A Day With Cabinet Secretary Julián CastroPhotographer Mark Peterson followed the former San Antonio mayor for our latest edition of “Life in Pictures.”
  4. Hillary Hints That Julian Castro Could Be Her VP PickClinton will “look really hard” at HUD Secretary, who just endorsed her.
  5. Get to Know Julián Castro, the Hispanic Obama Who’s Going to WashingtonTime to re-meet the San Antonio mayor and rising star tapped for housing secretary.
  6. World Meets Julian Castro and His Adorable Hair-Flipping DaughterWhich will be more memorable?
  7. San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro Will Deliver the DNC Keynote AddressThe man is a rising star, or at least the Democrats hope he is.