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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Teach The History Of Rap, Part 2

There's no denying the goofy exuberance of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's History Of Rap Part 2, but in my heart of hearts I kind of wish this was just a full-length performance of "Push It." Throw some matching black Spandex leggings and [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Sony Tends Lovingly To Its Stable of Pure-Breed Stars

While the use of the term "stable" might conjure the image of Kevin James gently eating sugar cubes off your palm, the New York Times' Michael Cieply paints a more interesting, albeit less adorable, picture of how Sony has actively cultivated [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Why SNL Is to Blame for Justin Timberlake Quitting Music

Want a new Justin Timberlake album? Too bad! He's done with music for the time being, instead focusing on acting and stuff. What gave him the acting bug, pray tell? Here's what he told Playboy:My favorite thing in the world was to make people [...]

By Adam Frucci

SNL Recap: Justin Timberlake Proves Old Sketches Can Do New Tricks

One of the most common complaints you hear about SNL is its tendency to rely on recurring sketches. Last week, during the commercial break, I spotted the crew setting up the burnt-orange walls of the “What’s Up With That?” set and groaned, [...]

By Erik Voss