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Kathleen Parker

  1. Kathleen Parker’s Next Book Will be Called Shoot the BastardsWhich bastards, exactly?
  2. Eliot Spitzer Has Already Moved Into Kathleen Parker’s Old OfficeThe old bird wasn’t even gone a day!
  3. Kathleen Parker Out at CNN Primetime, Eliot Spitzer to Star on New Show, In the ArenaThat was fast.
  4. Why Is Obama So Unimpressed With America?Oh, wait. He isn’t, at all. Pay attention, John Boehner.
  5. Piers Morgan Debuts on the New York Cocktail Scene With Jabs at O’Reilly, FoxLet the verbal jousting begin! (Er, continue?)
  6. Kathleen Parker’s Days on Parker Spitzer May Be NumberedBut what would they call the show then?
  7. ‘Did You Hear the Thunder Today? It Was Our Founding Fathers Clapping From Heaven!’Meet Janine Turner, actress, constitutional advocate.
  8. Kathleen Parker Can No Longer Swallow SpitzerThere’s trouble on the set of ‘Parker/Spitzer.’
  9. Google CEO Would Like to Remind You How Important Your Disappearing Privacy Really IsThere’s a reason why private thoughts were invented by generations before us.”
  10. Parker/Spitzer Ratings Lackluster: Only 460,000 Tuned In to Debut ShowWe learned this from reading Keith Olbermann’s Twitter.
  11. On Parker/Spitzer Opening Night, Aaron Sorkin Calls Palin ‘Idiot’That was at least a little fun.
  12. Kathleen Parker to Daily Intel: ‘Get Over It’Oh no you DIDN’T.
  13. This Is a Thoughtless Thing That Kathleen Parker, New Resident of New York City, Wrote TodayCity dwellers will never understand the folks who prefer the company of trees, and country folk will always resent the imperious presumptions of urbanites who think they know best.”
  14. The CNN Debate Show Starring Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer Will Be Called...… “Parker Spitzer.”
  15. McGuirk to Produce CNN’s Spitzer-Parker ShowHow to avoid a shoutfest.
  16. Spitzer and Parker’s New CNN Debate Show Finds Itself in a Sinking Show SandwichThe Kings on either side of them are having record-low ratings streaks.
  17. Why Would CNN’s ‘Spirited, Nightly Roundtable’ Work This Time?They killed the last one, after all.
  18. CNN Taps Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker for Debate ShowIt’s really happening.
  19. Et Tu, GOP? The Conservative Betrayal SpectrumSo which Republican pundits have undercut McCain the most?