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Kehinde Wiley: The Photographs

After years of using his photos to paint from, Wiley decided to show the source material itself.

By Emma Pearse

Artist Kehinde Wiley Does a Face-Plant

Kehinde Wiley is in danger of overexposure at this point, but his show of four grand new paintings (and a few oldies) at Deitch closes this Saturday and we think you should see it.

By Emma Pearse

Artist Kehinde Wiley Will Keep You Dry at the Beach

If you joined the jet set down in Miami last week, you might have seen these towels floating around Art Basel (they were the official towels at Balazs's posh Raleigh Hotel, meaning guests likely scored on the stolen-amenities front), but if you, like us, were stuck here in the ambiguously seasonal weather, amid sinus-infected friends and co-workers, fear not: They're available online for a pretty reasonable $50.