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Keith Gessen

  1. What Does Russia Look Like, Now?Putin, as bad as he is, is well within the mainstream of Russian politics. Whereas Trump is a radical fringe figure.
  2. ‘I Won the Nobel Prize!’An interview with the translator of the new Nobel laureate.
  3. occupy wall street
    Keith Gessen Among the Writers and Journalists Arrested at Occupy Wall StreetBoth traditional and nontraditional members of the press have been arrested.
  4. intel
    Lit-ster Party E-mails: Every One a Precious GemWe intercept the invites to a weekly lit party at Scratcher, in the East Village, and discover why we weren’t invited.
  5. in other news
    Au Revoir, New York ‘Literary’ Scene!After coming face-to-face with all the sad young literary men and women, a 20-year-old blogger swears off the literati — and New York.
  6. chat room
    ‘n+1’ Founder Keith Gessen on His Debut Novel and Men Behaving BadlyGessen talks about ‘All the Sad Young Literary Men’ and his portrayal of women.
  7. ranters and ravers
    ‘Observer’ Critic Compares Keith Gessen to Two Authors She Hasn’t ReadThe new supplement’s review of ‘All the Young Literary Men’ reads like an ‘Observer’ Young Turk profile, but meaner.