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  1. The 12 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2018Marvel’s first podcast, a new season of Invisibilia, a ton of true-crime investigations, and more.
  2. Keith Olbermann Puts His Trump Palace Apartment Up for Sale at $3.9 MillionIf they had changed the name of it to something more positive like Ebola Palace I would have happily stayed.”
  3. Joe Scarborough Mocks MSNBC’s ’08 Pro-Obama BiasEvery night, like, Hillary Clinton would win Kentucky, and it would be like, ‘Tonight, racism rises over Lexington.’”
  4. Keith Olbermann and ESPN Break Up, Once AgainThe network reportedly wanted him to stop it with the commentaries.
  5. Keith Olbermann Is Headed Back to ESPN, With a CaveatHe’s not allowed to talk politics.
  6. Keith Olbermann Might Go Back to ESPNFingers crossed!
  7. Keith Olbermann Back to Square OneCovering sports for Turner Broadcasting!
  8. MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Calls Fox News ‘Loserville’Gossip from the MSNBC side of the cable news “knife fight.”
  9. Keith Olbermann and Current Have Worked Things OutThey reached a settlement in their mutual lawsuits.
  10. Keith Olbermann Is Making Nice With ESPNAfter dinner with the network’s president, nothing but praise.
  11. Keith Olbermann Is Looking for a Job, Any JobThe host is reportedly “aggressively job-shopping, and he’s not being too picky about it.”
  12. Sad Keith Olbermann Comments on Mitt Romney LeakWho needs a cable show?
  13. Keith Olbermann Started a Sad Tumblr of SunsetsHe used to be a photographer, apparently.
  14. Here’s a Photo of Lightning Striking the Empire State Building YesterdayBrought to you by Keith Olbermann.
  15. Keith Olbermann Didn’t Even Want to Attend the Correspondents’ DinnerTake that, Jimmy Kimmel. 
  16. Someone Who May or May Not Be Keith Olbermann Wandering New York SadlyCould also be some random dude enjoying the sunshine.
  17. Current TV Sues Keith Olbermann Right BackEnough guys.
  18. Keith Olbermann vs. Current TV, Round VThe station responds to the fired host’s lawsuit.
  19. Keith Olbermann Really Is Suing Current TVHe filed the suit today in L.A. court.
  20. Current TV Could Have Issues, Olbermann Trash Talk AsideCould the channel get dropped by Time Warner?
  21. April Fools’ Roundup: Conan Buys Mashable, Mitt Romney Gets Punked, and Google Has Its Fun Also: Keith Olbermann gets a new job. 
  22. Angry E-Mails Trace Keith Olbermann-Current TV FeudLights failing mid-screening, printers without toner, car services unpaid.
  23. Current: Keith Olbermann Fired for ‘Serial’ Breach of Contract The network says he missed 19 out of 41 days in two months. 
  24. Keith Olbermann Out at Current, Eliot Spitzer to Take OverThe network has fired its combative host and replaced him with New York’s disgraced ex-governor.
  25. Olbermann Will Be Going Back on Air for Current TVSome more clarity, some more drama.
  26. Keith Olbermann Beefing With the New York TimesThe host is going after the reporter who wrote about him.
  27. Keith Olbermann Feuds With Employer ... AgainThe Countdown host is butting heads with Current TV.
  28. Keith Olbermann Wants to Be Your New Best GirlfriendWatch him beg you to watch his new show.
  29. With Some Jabs at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann’s Countdown ArrivesI got in a little Twitter war with [Scarborough], and I made him cry.”
  30. Keith Olbermann’s First Guests Will Be Michael Moore and Markos MoulitsasHow diverse.
  31. First Ad for Keith Olbermann’s New Show Reminds You of Everything You Hate About Keith OlbermannAlso, he’s just hired Matt Taibbi!
  32. Some People Like Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann, But a Lot of People Hate ThemThis may not surprise you, but now we have statistics!
  33. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: According to Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro Texts Like a High School BroPlus, Maya Rudolph is annoyed with the reception of ‘Bridesmaids’ as a women’s triumph and not simply as a successful comedy.
  34. It Was a Record Night for ‘Obama’/‘Osama’ Confusion [Updated]Who messed up the worst?
  35. Former CNN Anchor Aaron Brown Slams Eliot Spitzer, Anderson CooperOops!
  36. casting couch
    Jeff Daniels May Play ‘Olbermann’ in Aaron Sorkin ShowLots of dudes with attitude on this project.
  37. Celebrity Settings
    Mary-Kate Olsen Meets Her Date at Lavo; Keith Olbermann Meets His at MermaidPlus: Mick Jagger dines at Benoit, Will Ferrell gets mobbed at Old Homestead Steakhouse, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  38. tv
    Aaron Sorkin’s Fictional Keith Olbermann Is Quite the Ladies’ ManDetails emerge about Sorkin’s new HBO show, set at a cable news channel.
  39. Celebrity Settings
    Democratic Convention: Bill Clinton at La Petite Maison; Al Gore atPlus: Jennifer Love Hewitt grabs a slice at John’s Pizzeria, Kirsten Dunst dines with a group at Vinegar Hill House, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  40. The AOLington Post: Yet Another Liberal Media Dream DeferredThe dream of an avowedly liberal media powerhouse to rival Fox News remains as alive — and as unfulfilled — as ever.
  41. Olbermann Confirmed at Current TVHe’ll anchor a nightly live news broadcast.
  42. keith olbermann
    Source: Keith Olbermann Heading to Current TVAnd he’ll have an equity stake!
  43. Tomorrow, Keith Olbermann to Announce ‘the Next Chapter in His Remarkable Career’He and “his new partners” will make a statement at eleven a.m.
  44. Jeff Zucker Loves Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck Does NotAnd Keith Olbermann speaks out.
  45. Keith Olbermann Has Reportedly Been Negotiating His Exit for a WhileThis was all Keith’s choice.”
  46. Keith Olbermann Is Leaving MSNBCOlbermann made the abrupt — but not surprising — announcement on his show tonight.
  47. Bristol Palin Denies Reports That She Is the Worst Person in the WorldCedes: “I’m not perfect.”
  48. MSNBC Suspends Joe Scarborough for Two Days for Political DonationsAwkwardly, ‘Politico,’ for which Scarborough writes a column, uncovered them.
  49. Another Quickly Reversed Olbermann-Related SuspensionWorst Persons in the World” will return tonight.
  50. Talk Box: Cable Talkers Respond to Ted Koppel’s Grumpy Op-EdThe former ABC anchor received some feisty retorts from the opinion shows he blames for ruining television news.
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