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Kelly Choi Makes Top Chef Twice As Nice

Kelly Choi is Bravo's latest hostess, and a food blogger asks the inevitable: “Who do you think is foxier, Kelly or Padma?”

By Daniel Maurer

Interborough Burger Contest Heading to Queens

The grilling armies in the city’s burger wars usually hail from Manhattan, but every competition needs new contenders. The Burger Battle of the Boroughs will be on May 20 in Astoria as part of the Cuisine of Queens & Beyond tasting event. Staten Island could not field a team, but representatives from Brooklyn (The Farm on Adderley, 67 Burger), Queens (Harry’s at Water Taxi Beach, Joe’s Bestburger), and the Bronx (Coals) will battle Brgr and Resto — the latter being Rob and Robin’s favorite burger in New York last year.

TV Hostess Kelly Choi Likes Her Sandwiches With Mayo and Mustard

If you haven’t seen Kelly Choi sporting a trench coat on her show Secrets of New York, you’ve probably seen her donning skimpier attire as the host of New York Eats. She also just appeared as a judge on Iron Chef and will soon team with a liquor sponsor to publish The 25 Most Delicious Dishes in New York. What’s one of them? The moussaka at Pylos. “I’m crazy about Greek and Middle Eastern food,” Choi tells us. She doesn’t have the extravagant expense account you’d expect, and she isn’t often hungry for complimentary desserts — but still, the former Ford model managed to put away quite a bit this week.

Colicchio, Samuelsson, Hall, Others Shine at Taste of New York

Though the event did not run late, the food at last night’s Taste of New York was beyond reproach: Suba’s Seamus Mullen produced some ridiculously rich and crispy oxtail croquettes, and the Ciao Bella guys served a Turkish yogurt gelato that stopped visitors in their tracks. Hill Country’s beef riblets were one of the hits of the show, requested by other chefs even as they labored behind their own tables. Meanwhile, Jim Meehan of PDT was setting out the apple cocktails that seemed to be in everybody’s hands.

What to Watch Instead of a ‘Top Chef’ Rerun

Kelly Choi
Seeing as how the powers that be at Bravo have decreed yet another off week on Top Chef, we can only offer our consolations to those of you waiting to see if Howie finally goes postal, or if Padma finally passes out in a cloud of Kush smoke. But, happily, there are a number of food options on NYC TV tonight. At 8 p.m., take a guided tour of Brooklyn with the elegant Kelly Choi on Eat Out N.Y. At 9:30, eerily handsome celebrity chef Todd English discourses on New York pizza. We’re not terribly inclined to listen to Todd English instruct us on pizza, but in a world where Franny’s can get two stars from the Times, anything is possible. At 10 p.m., right when you’re jonesing for some Top Chef action, be sated by an episode of Chef’s Story about Cat Cora. The Iron Chef appeared out of nowhere and has origins that remain, at least to us, a total mystery. Maybe we’ll learn something. NYC TV [Official Page]