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Spotted Pig Owner Sick of Pigs

Ken Friedman was none too pleased that a top Batali-Bastianich executive let the cat out of the bag about he and co-owner Mario Batali’s plans for a sister place to the Spotted Pig. Initially, he wasn’t ready to confirm or deny anything, but once we got him talking, he did tell us that the new place, a seafood-centric gastropub, would not in fact be a twin operation. (Actually, we had wondered why a seafood place would be called the Spotted Pig.) “It won’t be a carbon copy. [Chef] April Bloomfield and I could have made a lot of money just cloning the place and having one in Vegas or elsewhere, but that’s not interesting to us. We haven’t signed the lease yet, and I don’t want to jinx things. But I’ve already thrown all my pig paraphernalia out of my apartment.” Does that mean he’s buying fish paraphernalia? Earlier: Wish There Were Another Spotted Pig and Another Casa Mono? Guess What.

Batali Helps Devise Insane Feast for Spotted Pig Staff

When one thinks of the great feast-givers throughout history, one thinks of the medieval dukes, earls, and kings of England. One thinks of Chinese and Roman emperors, the Persians, the Turks, maybe a Fijian cannibal chief or two. Add to this illustrious list of revelers Sir Ken D. Friedman, the owner of West Village gastropub the Spotted Pig. This past Sunday, Friedman threw a belated holiday–Super Bowl party at Del Posto for his 80-person staff, and it was of such Rabelaisian excess that, like an old Woodstock hippie, the restaurateur is having trouble remembering it all.

The Spotted Pig’s Anna Vanderzee Tells Mario Batali to Keep His Voice Down

After cutting her teeth as a bartender at Paris Commune and Mary Anne’s, Anna Vanderzee started work at the Spotted Pig two and a half years ago; she now splits her time between slinging drinks and serving up the ever-popular Roquefort burger (sorry, no cheese substitutions allowed). Being a dancer has helped her survive relentless seven-hour shifts: We asked her what coping mechanisms she deploys against Jäger cravers, Jay-Z groupies, a salt-shy Times reviewer, and a certain scooter-stealing celebrity.