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Kenneth Bae

  1. Airplane Gods Waited Two Extra Days to Rescue North Korean HostagesLike all other forms of faith, they’re banned in North Korea.
  2. North Korea Releases 2 American Prisoners Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller are on their way back to the United States.
  3. North Korea Just Messing With U.S. Over Prisoner’s ReleaseThis is getting tiresome.
  4. Kenneth Bae ‘Confesses’ in North KoreaThe American jailed by Kim Jong-un spoke at a “press conference,” probably under duress.
  5. Dennis Rodman Apologizes for CNN Rant, Explains He Was Just DrunkGet a little tipsy, imply an American deserves to be in North Korean prison. We’ve all been there.
  6. American Held in North Korea Gets a Visit From MomKenneth Bae’s mother arrived Thursday.
  7. North Korea Will Hear Out U.S. on Kenneth BaeHere’s hoping they let him go.
  8. North Korea Is Being Slightly Nicer to Its American PrisonerWhich is not saying much.
  9. Jimmy Carter Is Planning Another North Korean Rescue MissionKim Jong-un got lonely, sentenced an American to fifteen years hard labor.
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    North Korea Fishes for U.S. Presidential Visit in Most Awful Way PossibleKenneth Bae has been sentenced to fifteen years hard labor.