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‘Kid Nation’ Finale: Thus Ends the Cute Overload

Last night's finale of the first season of CBS' "grand social experiment" contained few surprises (and the "heart-wrenching" surprise we were promised turned out to be a parent-child reunion, which was hardly "heart-wrenching!").

‘Kid Nation’: Smartest Kid in Bonanza City Wins the Gold Star!

Brains triumphed over brawn on last night's Kid Nation as 9-year-old Alex, Bonanza City's resident genius ("one of the smartest persons here," as Greg put it) beat out older, tougher kids — plus Jared, who adorably pledged to invent a teleportation device if he got the $20,000 — to win the coveted gold star.

‘Kid Nation’: Fresh Meat

The kids debate the ethics of killing animals and reach a consensus: They feel like chicken tonight.