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  1. Fugu
    Kim Jong-il’s Former Sushi Chef Says Go Easy on Kim Jong-unKenji Fujimoto says it must have been some kind of setup.
  2. Kim Jong-il Had Kind of a Homoerotic Relationship With His Former Sushi ChefWe would go to the sauna together, naked. Shogun-sama said, Oh, you have a good body … “
  3. World Issues
    The Ten Best Lines From GQ’s Story on Kim Jong-il’s Sushi“As a wedding prank, Kim Jong-il had the unconscious Fujimoto’s pubic hair shaved off.”
  4. Kim Jong Il Ate SpidersAnd hippo. 
  5. rock paper scissors
    Watch a Bunch of Very Famous People Unknowingly Play Rock, Paper, ScissorsWho knew the Pope was so dextrous?
  6. Kim Jong-il Wins Olympic Weightlifting Medal From Beyond the GraveActual weightlifter gives him full credit. 
  7. Kim Jong Il Can Never RetireEven though he’s dead. 
  8. If You Didn’t Cry Like a Maniac for Kim Jong-Il, You’re Going to PrisonYeah, that’s what we figured.
  9. chat room
    Elizabeth Banks on 30 Rock, Man on a Ledge, and The Hunger Games Haters“As long as Suzanne Collins is happy … I would say if fans wanna fight about it, they can fight with her.”
  10. A Giant Attended Kim Jong-Il’s FuneralBest. Funeral. Ever.
  11. international intrigue
    North Korea Declares Kim Jong-Un ‘Supreme Leader’The training wheels are off.
  12. The Real Reason All Those North Koreans Were So SadDaily Intel digs for the truth! And it finds … something!
  13. The Crying Alongside Kim Jong-Il’s Funeral Procession Was RidiculousNobody has ever cried as hard over anything as North Koreans cried over Kim Jong-Il today. 
  14. North Korea Funeral Ceremonies Begin for Kim Jong-IlA farewell ceremony will be held on Thursday.
  15. Did Kim Jong-il Die Like They Said He Did?Some North Korea experts think the whole early-morning-on-a-train story doesn’t add up.
  16. World Leader’s Lackey Lies About His Sports Feats Just another guy with a cult of personality.
  17. Mediavore
    Infant Diets Predict Future Taste for Salt; North Korean Food Aid DelayedKim Jong Il’s death might have derailed the resumption of U.S. donations.
  18. Kim Jong-un Not Alone Atop North KoreaThe young heir will have help from his aunt, uncle, and the military.
  19. Mediavore
    Scrubs-Clad Counterfeiter Rips Off Chesco. Deli; Feeding Babies Starchy FoodsPlus: Kim Jong Il’s death could hold up U.S. food aid in North Korea; and casual dining restaurants try to lure sophisticated diners with special menu items, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. kim jong-il
    Watch Andy Richter’s Demented Eulogy for Kim Jong-IlR.I.P., Kim Jong-Il. You will forever be remembered for pioneering the “bus driver from the 1940s” look.
  21. sacha baron cohen
    Read a Statement Issued by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Alter-Ego Dictator, General Aladeen, Regarding Kim Jong-IlKim Jong-Il “died as he lived, in three-inch lifts,” according to Sacha Baron Cohen’s alter ego.
  22. World Issues
    Kim Jong-Il’s Food History UnfoldsA symbol of the leader’s bizarre life.
  23. Mediavore
    Students Criticize LAUSD’s New Lunches; Whiskey Might Fortify Your PortfolioQuinoa salad struggles to compete with Flamin’ Hot Cheetoes for the hearts and minds of schoolkids.
  24. 30 rock
    Elizabeth Banks Appreciates Your Kim Jong-Il-Related Concerns for 30 RockWhat does this mean for Avery?
  25. How Is North Korea Reacting to the Death of Kim Jong-Il?Intense crying, test missiles, and sorting out succession.
  26. Kim Jong-Il Is Dead at 69We will certainly miss him.
  27. North Koreans Working in Libya Have Been Banished From Their Homeland ForeverBest banishment ever?
  28. Kim Jong-Il Skimped on Party Favors for His Super-Sweet 69th BirthdayThey’re stockpiling food rations for Kim Jong-Il Sr.’s party next year.
  29. WikiLeaks Cables, Day Two: How Do You Solve a Problem Like North Korea?This couldn’t have come at a tenser time!
  30. Citizen Journalists Offer Disturbing Video From Inside North KoreaThe video shows a starving orphan and a woman fighting a police officer’s demand for a bribe.
  31. Kim Jong Il Toured a Soy Sauce Factory TodayAs if his country and South Korea were not on the precipice of war. Mind games.
  32. Mediavore
    Alcohol More Harmful Than Crack; Bobby Flay’s Marathon GoalsPlus: McDonald’s employees find an unexpected political promo in their paychecks, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  33. Kim Jong Il Promotes Youngest Son, His Likely SuccessorHis daughter also is named a senior general.
  34. Kim Jong-Il and the Dude Go Bowling for Foreign DollarsA round of White Russians for the whole team.
  35. North Korea Toys With 13-Year-Old Boy’s EmotionsHe arrived on a “sunshine policy” to build a “children’s peace forest.”
  36. North Korea Has Some Work to Do on Handling Its Setbacks in a Healthy MannerThe soccer team was subjected to a scary-sounding public shaming.
  37. North Koreans Still Waiting to Hear About Glorious World Cup VictoryThe one where they lost 7-0.
  38. Kim Jong-Il Feigns Interest in Mundane ThingsThis is like the mundane-ness Obama faced multiplied by ten.
  39. Analyst Says Bill Clinton Met With Kim Jong-il ImpersonatorDid our former President get fooled by a party trick?
  40. Charlie Rose Is BroodingLike Jennifer Aniston, all he wants is a baby, according to ‘Fortune.’
  41. North Korea Offers ‘Special Pardon’ to Captive JournalistsNow that he’s gotten the photo op he wanted, the North Korean despot has given up the two women.
  42. Bill Clinton Meets Kim Jong IlLook how happy he is to be there!
  43. Bill Clinton Goes Into North Korea to Rescue Two Captive JournalistsThe families of Euna Lee and Laura Ling hope the former president can bring their daughters home safely.
  44. Did North Korea Attack Our Internet?That’s what South Korea thinks. They’re always pointing fingers.
  45. Al Gore May Head to North Korea to ‘Negotiate’ for Journalists’ ReleaseWe know what he’s really going for. To kick some ass.
  46. A Little Bit of Background Info on Kim Jong Il’s SonsWhich one was deemed “too effeminate” to succeed his Yoko Ono–look-alike father?
  47. The North Korea Nuke Test: What Obama Should ConsiderThis holiday weekend’s weapons test is a confusing referendum on the president’s policy on North Korea, and offers little hint of the safest way forward.
  48. One Day, Hudson Morgan and Bam Margera Went to North KoreaAnd they all lived happily ever after. Well, except maybe Kim Jong Il.