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  1. foreign policy
    Is Trump Getting Played by North Korea?Kim Jong-un’s hot-and-cold behavior is messing with the administration’s already disjointed strategy for the upcoming talks.
  2. foreign policy
    North Korea Surprises Trump Administration by Acting Like North Korea AgainWhite House officials were reportedly caught off guard by a threat to cancel the Trump-Kim summit if the U.S. doesn’t back off on denuclearization.
  3. North Korea Cancels Talks With South Over Military ExercisesA reminder that Kim Jong-un isn’t a traditional negotiating partner.
  4. North Korea Appears to Be Shutting Down Its Nuke-Testing SiteBut we’ve been here before, and there’s a long way to go before Pyongyang’s nuclear program is closed.
  5. North Korea Summit to Hinge on Whether Trump Likes Cut of Kim’s JibReally, why bother with diplomacy?
  6. Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-un Set for June 12 in SingaporeIn a tweet, Trump said both leaders will “try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!”
  7. Trump Greets 3 Americans Freed by North KoreaHe met Kim Hak-song, Tony Kim, and Kim Dong-chul when they landed in Maryland, and said Kim Jong-un was “really was excellent” to them.
  8. foreign policy
    Pompeo Is Returning From North Korea With U.S. CaptivesKim Hak-song, Tony Kim, and Kim Dong-chul have been freed.
  9. Now the President of South Korea Thinks Trump Should Get a Nobel Peace PrizeAppealing to Trump’s ego is a time-honored strategy that South Korea seems to have mastered.
  10. foreign policy
    Kim Jong-un Wants U.S. Promise Not to Invade in Exchange for NukesBut his rhetorical ramp-up to peace talks should be considered style without substance until proven otherwise.
  11. Did Peace Just Break Out Between North and South Korea?Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in have taken a step toward a new future for their respective countries. But will they take a step back?
  12. The Campaign for Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Has BegunHis biggest boosters, and even a few others, say Trump deserves the award for developments on the Korean peninsula.
  13. Everything You Need to Know About the Historic North and South Korea SummitKim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in promised to work toward formally ending the Korean War and denuclearizing the peninsula, but didn’t get into specifics.
  14. Pompeo Confirmed As Secretary of State, With Seven Democratic VotesOnce Trump and Pompeo brought Rand Paul around, the hawkish CIA director’s confirmation was inevitable.
  15. South Korea Stops Blaring K-pop at North Korean BorderBad news for North Koreans who enjoy BtoB and live near the DMZ.
  16. North Korea Announces Indefinite Suspension of Nuclear ProgramThe dramatic move comes ahead of a planned meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.
  17. foreign policy
    With Pompeo-Kim Jong-un Meeting, Trump Underscores State Department IrrelevanceThe CIA director’s deep involvement in talks with the North Korean leader shows Trump has little regard for Senate or diplomatic procedure.
  18. Trump Says U.S. and North Korea Have Already Begun TalksAt least a month before the main event, a sit-down between the president and Kim Jong Un.
  19. respected lady
    Kim Jong-un’s Wife Is Getting Her Own Cult of PersonalityShe was upgraded from “comrade” to “Respected Lady.”
  20. foreign policy
    With Kim Jong-un Meeting, China Tells the U.S. It Won’t Be IgnoredXi Jinping threw off summit calculations, and the U.S. must respond with patience and diplomatic skill. Too bad Trump’s team possesses the opposite.
  21. foreign policy
    How the U.S. and North Korea Are Preparing for the Trump-Kim SummitAs Trump undercuts the effort with hawkish hires, Kim is making diplomatic overtures to his neighbors — and starting up a new nuclear reactor.
  22. Kim Jong-un (Reportedly) Makes Surprise Visit to ChinaAs his historic summit with Trump approaches, the North Korean leader heads to China for the first time since taking power.
  23. Senators Worry Trump Will Get Played by Kim Jong-unEven supporters of the president are worried that he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing.
  24. Dennis Rodman Is Happy His Pals Trump and Kim Plan to MeetScore one for basketball diplomacy.
  25. foreign policy
    Trump and Kim Jong-un to MeetIt’s unclear if there’s been a real breakthrough, or it’s just another move in a long, frustrating chess game.
  26. North Korea Is Ready to Discuss Forfeiting Nukes, South SaysThe U.S. said it wouldn’t negotiate with Pyongyang unless denuclearization was on the table. Now it is.
  27. winter olympics 2018
    Mike Pence Wants You to Know He Ignored Kim Jong-un’s Sister on Purpose“I didn’t avoid the dictator’s sister, but I did ignore her.”
  28. the national circus
    It’s Time for John Kelly to GoThe White House chief of staff’s handling of the Rob Porter fiasco is making the Scaramucci interregnum look like a golden age.
  29. fake politicians
    Realistic Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Impersonators Infiltrated the OlympicsThey were kicked out of the Opening Ceremony.
  30. global politics
    Kim Jong-un’s Sister Is Going to the OlympicsShe’ll be the first member of the North Korean leader’s immediate family to go to South Korea.
  31. Half of Republicans Think Trump’s a GeniusAnd over half of Democrats think Trump’s mentally unstable. We’re not all just going to get along.
  32. Why Trump Thinks Kim Jong-un, Who Called Him a ‘Dotard,’ Might Be His FriendEither he’s been secretly talking with Rocket Man, or he just has faith in his ability to charm the dictator.
  33. North Korea: Our Nukes Are Aimed Only at United StatesA not-exactly-comforting piece of propaganda.
  34. foreign policy
    Trump Team Mulls Giving North Korea ‘Bloody Nose,’ Betting Kim Won’t RetaliateTop officials are reportedly considering whether the U.S. could launch a limited strike on Kim Jong-un’s regime without starting a war.
  35. foreign affairs
    North Korea Reopens Hotline to South: Breakthrough or Another Ploy?Reestablishing communication could help ease tensions, or drive a wedge between the U.S. and South Korea.
  36. foreign affairs
    What Kim Jong-un’s Mixed Messages Reveal About His 2018 StrategyIn his New Year’s Day address, the dictator offered an olive branch to South Korea, and threatened the West with a “nuclear button.”
  37. unite
    Dennis Rodman Is Trying to Unite the U.S. and North Korea With Ugly SweatersProceeds go toward wounded veterans.
  38. shoe mysteries
    Kim Jong-un’s Shoes Sure Are Shiny for Someone Who Just ‘Climbed’ a MountainNorth Korean state media claims he climbed a 8,500-foot mountain in snowy conditions.
  39. North Korea May Also Be Developing Submarine Missiles and Biological WeaponsNew reports highlight that nuclear weapons are just one of several threats posed by Kim Jong-un’s regime.
  40. North Korea Fires First Missile Since SeptemberIt’s probably just a matter of time before President Trump replies with an ill-considered threat.
  41. Is Labeling North Korea a State Sponsor of Terrorism Just Another Trump Insult?North Korea has a rich history of sponsoring terrorism, but not so much lately.
  42. Trump ‘Sentenced to Death’ by North Korea for Making Fun of Kim Jong-unAn editorial in state-run media called Trump an “old lunatic, mean trickster and human reject.”
  43. Trump Tweets Awesome Video of Him Being Totally AwesomeWhat fresh hell is this?
  44. In South Korea, Trump Warns the North: ‘Don’t Try Us’After previously appearing to write it off, Trump also suggested diplomacy to solve tensions with Pyongyang.
  45. photo ops
    Here’s North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Touring a Cosmetics FactoryA fun day for the supreme leader.
  46. select all
    What It Takes to Get Accepted Into an Elite Apocalypse BunkerIt’s boom times for the bomb-shelter business in Silicon Valley. But you better be able to write a good application essay.
  47. a problem like korea
    Wait, Are We at War With North Korea Now?Kim Jong Un’s foreign minister said so in no uncertain terms. What now?
  48. The Vaping Congressman Pushes for ‘Preemptive Strike’ on North KoreaMeanwhile, Kim Jong-un and President Trump trade insults.
  49. President Trump Threatens to ‘Totally Destroy’ North Korea in U.N. SpeechOnce again, he called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man.”
  50. Trump Calls Kim Jong-un ‘Rocket Man’ in Most Presidential Tweets YetThese are the new fireside chats.
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