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  1. kissing
    Austria Begs People to Stop Kissing Cows“Actions like these could have serious consequences.”
  2. kissing
    My Favorite Short Story Is About Ethan Hawke’s First KissMay we all channel this energy in 2019.
  3. last night on late night
    Andrew Garfield Describes the Wild Party Where He Had His First, Uh, 30 Kisses“It was like a royal rumble.”
  4. tiff2017
    George Clooney Is Ready for the Next Stage of His Career: Kissing All the Guys“I have lots of room to grow here.”
  5. It Sounds Like Ben Affleck Is a Terrible KisserThe actor said kissing a man made him a “serious actor,” but he can’t seem to get over what a bad job he did.
  6. k-i-s-s-i-n-g
    Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Were Making Out at the SNL After-PartyApparently ScarJost has been happening for a while.
  7. kissing
    Vin Diesel Keeps Insisting His Fast 8 Kiss With Charlize Theron Was GoodVin does not like being compared to a dead fish.
  8. roll clip!
    Judy Greer’s Delight in Watching Judy Greer Kiss Famous Actors Is InfectiousGreer’s kissing credits include George Clooney, Patrick Wilson, and Nicolas Cage.
  9. imagined conversations
    Let’s Imagine What Was Said During This Very Dramatic Oscars Photo Shoot“Now, kiss!”
  10. reading the rainbow
    Rick and Negan Should Just Kiss Already on The Walking DeadJust do it!
  11. kissing
    Marc Anthony Wants You to Know That He Is Kissing Everyone, Not Just J.LoMarc Anthony just really likes kissing.
  12. scarves
    Darren Aronofsky Loves Scarves, Maybe J. Law TooThey (the people, not the scarves) kissed!
  13. pda
    Watch Amy Schumer Go All Out for the Kiss Cam at a Mets GameShe had a kiss for her dad and her boyfriend.
  14. airplane movies
    Delta Is Showing an Edited Version of CarolEveryone knows kisses are bad for planes.
  15. airplane movies
    Delta Is Showing an Edited Version of CarolEveryone knows kisses are bad for planes.
  16. Chris Meloni Explains Why Benson and Stabler Never Hooked UpFinally. We know the truth.
  17. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Looks Back on All His KissingLiving the dream, this man. 
  18. kissing
    These Romantic Photos of Couples Kissing Will Decorate a Subway Station TomorrowA series by photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya. 
  19. A 10-Second Kiss Spreads 80 Million BacteriaEw. 
  20. early and awkward
    Makeout Bandit Vance McAllister Won’t Run for ReelectionHe wants to work on his relationship with his wife.
  21. mad love
    Watch: Don Draper’s Best Kisses From Every Season So FarAs hot as it sounds.
  22. college
    Stanford Kissing Ritual Is a Petri Dish of MonoStudents are given cups of mouthwash to avoid spreading disease.
  23. science
    Kissing Is Just Socially Acceptable Sniffing, Report ScientistsKissing and necking, pecking and petting; people are so complicated, agree scientists. 
  24. slips of the tongue
    Jesus Luz and His TongueMadonna’s ex engages in a tongue bath with a brunette in a park in Italy.
  25. making out
    Campus Afraid That the Internet Will See Them Making OutFordham University students captured mid-DFMO.
  26. passion projects
    Lessons With the 60-Year-Old Kissing ExpertMe, my boyfriend, and 30 different ways of smooching.
  27. don't kiss the girl
    Nerd Famous for Kissing Hottie Goes Too Far“Go Daddy” geek may be fired for forcible kiss.
  28. Excerpts From a Kiss Cam Standard Operating Procedures Manual, by Greg […]Congratulations on your promotion to KISS CAM DIRECTOR. You are part of a long tradition of sporting event Jumbotron distractions. The […]
  29. violations
    Dutch Court Rules Forced Tongue Kiss Is Not RapeIt’s still illegal.
  30. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jessica Alba Worked the Kissing BoothPlus: All hail Bruce Willis the Pope, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  31. gifs are magic
    See a GIF of Anne Hathaway Winning a SAG AwardHer “shocked face” impression is getting better.
  32. The Complete Guide to Everything: Extreme StuntsThis week we’re talking extreme stunts. From Felix Baumgartner’s extreme jumping out of a space capsule to David Blane’s getting electrocuted […]
  33. A Funny Thing #18: Step Five: UNKNOWN with Laura WillcoxScoliosis! Flat chests! The unknowable, occult mysteries of the nefariously inscrutable STEP NUMBER FIVE! What obstacles won’t the universe set […]
  34. Reggie Watts’s Hair Fllls Up 70% of the ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Closet Regardless, of gender and/or sexual orientation, I imagine Reggie Watts has to shoot to the top of anyone’s “7 Minutes in Heaven Guests I Most […]
  35. supercuts
    Watch a Mash-Up of Famous Onscreen KissesWinner: Lady and the Tramp.
  36. Mediavore
    Qdoba Wants You to Pucker Up; There’s No Real Reason That Women Like ChocolatePlus water bottle woes and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  37. Mike O’Brien Is the World’s Premiere Celebrity French-Kissing GuruIt is an excellent day, because we can officially start calling 7 Minutes in Heaven host (and SNL writer) Mike O’Brien internet famous, […]
  38. clickables
    Watch a Sweet Video About the Science of Making OutStay for the last fact.
  39. giants
    Tom Coughlin Tells His Critics Where They Can Kiss Him“The priest is here or I’d say a few more things.”
  40. movies
    See a Creepy Clip From Christian Anti-Kissing Movie Pamela’s PrayerTagline: “Yes, it seemed unfair … until the day she married.”
  41. Top Chef
    Regrets, Hosea Has a FewThe benevolent baldy issues a statement about the kiss.
  42. in other news
    Photo Proof of Blake and Penn’s Love at Last!’People’ caught the lovebirds in action! Well, PG-13 action. Nothing like on the SHOW.