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  1. science of us
    If Only Using the Computer Counted As HandworkMaking things by hand is peaceful and mind-opening. Why doesn’t typing count?
  2. power
    Knitting Site Bans the Support of Donald TrumpRavelry binds off on the president.
  3. i like this bitch's life
    This Woman Is Making Shawls Sexy, I Swear to YouIn praise of knitting designer Andrea Mowry.
  4. the best. really.
    The Best Yarn for Holiday-Scarf-Knitting Is Soft, Bespoke CashmereClinton Hill Cashmere Company carries yarn with fibers that are thinner and therefore silkier than just about everything else.
  5. the defenders
    Krysten Ritter Knits to Survive Her Marvel Shooting ScheduleShe’s learned coping strategies to deal with full years of filming.
  6. encounter
    Knitting, and Talking Jessica Jones, With Krysten Ritter“She’s very unlikable, in the studio sense of the word. But I don’t find her unlikable.”
  7. holiday giving
    Woman Dresses Over 300 Homeless Greyhounds in Christmas SweatersWhat have you been doing with your spare time?
  8. meet the new designer
    Gemma Shepherd: The English Knitter With a Graphic EyeHandcrafted, bold, and graphic scarves and gloves straight from a family’s farm.
  9. fashionables
    21 Sweaters Worthy of Top Knitting CirclesTechniques and textures get wild.
  10. knitting circles
    Some Lovely Old British Ladies Helped Knit Mulberry’s Fall 2012 CollectionSend them a tin of shortbread to say thanks.
  11. macho men who do tender things
    Adorable Truckers Knit Sweaters in DowntimeAmazingly, this is not a new Tumblr blog.
  12. Foodievent
    Maury Rubin Sees Connection Between Drinking Hot Chocolate and Knitting Sweaters“Knitting feels like hot chocolate,” says City Bakery’s Maury Rubin.
  13. design hunting
    Design Hunting: Backstage at the Ballet, Up Front at the Ace HotelGlass terrarium blobs, amazing feats of wallpaper, and the friendliest door-hipster in New York: Wendy Goodman brings them home.