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Kristen Wiig and Ben Stiller Make Damn Adorable Old Folks

Man, celebrities look way different without makeup on. Just kidding, this  is the opposite of no makeup, it's tons of makeup. This and the photos below are from the set of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which is a remake of a 1947 film that [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Jason Sudeikis’s ‘SNL’ Departure Still Uncertain

New York Daily News reports that Jason Sudeikis told a group of people at the SNL finale after-after-party "he wasn't sure about staying or leaving." It also notes that Jason was taken aback a bit by the special treatment Kristen Wiig received [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Best of ‘SNL’ Season 37

Now that Season 37 of Saturday Night Live has come to a close, let’s talk about some of the highlights from the past 22 episodes.

By Erik Voss

Mick Jagger Promos the ‘SNL’ Finale; Wastes Magic

If your favorite part of SNL each week is the promos, than this is your finale. They even have Kristen Wiig in them, for what might be her last promos until she hosts the show in two seasons from now. Also, man did that wrinkly Australian [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Colbert, C.K., Wiig, and Handler Deemed Time 100 Worthy

The Time 100 came out and it's hilarious. More specifically, it has hilarious people on it and hilarious people writing about them. Judd Apatow writes about Kristen Wiig, Joan Rivers writes about Louis C.K., and Kathy Griffin writes about [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Kristen Wiig on Why She Was Drawn to Improv

"I think it was improv. It was watching people be on stage, acting without a script. There was something in me that was like, 'I want to do that. I know I can do that.' For some reason it was less scary to me than having words in front of me, [...]

By Adam Frucci