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  1. foreign affairs
    Iraqi Forces Seize Kurdish-Held City of KirkukTensions had been high since the Kurds voted for independence from Iraq last month.
  2. foreign policy
    The Kurds’ Long Fight for Independence Is Coming to a HeadA landmark referendum on Monday faces almost universal opposition around the globe. Iraq’s Kurds are proceeding anyway.
  3. PissPigGrandad Is No MoreBrace Belden, back from Syria and readjusting to life in the Bay Area, has a new Twitter handle.
  4. An American ISIS Member Was Detained While Trying to QuitKurdish forces at first thought he was attempting a suicide bombing. 
  5. Europe Breaks Up Alleged ISIS Recruitment RingPolice say the aspiring militants were part of a group that aims to establish a caliphate in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.
  6. terrorism
    Scores Dead After Bombs Target Turkish Peace RallyAt least 97 people were killed and 400 wounded after unknown assailants targeted a protest in Ankara. It’s the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Turkey’s history.
  7. islamic state watch
    Israeli Woman Latest Foreigner to Fight ISISAs if the militants didn’t hate fighting Kurdish women enough.
  8. islamic state watch
    ISIS Militants Claim the U.S. Accidentally Air-dropped Them Free WeaponsMassive fail.
  9. international affairs
    U.S. Air-Drops Weapons to Kurds Defending KobaniAdmitting for the first time that it delivered lethal aid to the rebels.
  10. islamic state watch
    Why Turkey Is Bombing the Kurds Fighting ISISInternal politics with international implications.
  11. Turkey Still Won’t Help Fight ISIS, As Fighter Blows Up Truck on Its BorderWhat will it take?
  12. ISIS Advances on Kobani, in PhotosThings don’t look great heading into the weekend.
  13. islamic state watch
    A Female Suicide Bomber Attacked ISIS Militants in SyriaUsing an ISIS tactic against ISIS.
  14. international intrigue
    3 Americans Have Taken It Upon Themselves to Fight ISIS on the GroundAccording to Kurdish forces.