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Give Carson Daly a Break!

Yesterday, it was announced that strapping television personality Carson Daly will defy the ongoing writers' strike and resume production this week on his late-night talk show Last Call, currently one of NBC's highest-rated programs among viewers who frequently forget to turn off the TV before going to bed.

New ‘Lost’ Webisode Is Kind of a Snooze

In the first clip to run on the network's site, island leader Jack has a flashback to a conversation with his creepy alcoholic dad on his wedding day and is given a watch that's been in the family for generations. And … well, that's it.

Thanks to Writers Strike, ‘Scrubs’ May Never End

More precisely, the show is set to run out of episodes of its final season in January as a result of the Writers Guild strike, but if the picketing goes on much longer, the hospital dramedy may never have the closure of a series finale.

‘Billboard’ Bends the Rules for Greatest Band in the Universe

In a move likely designed to deny Britney Spears her only possible personal victory of 2007, Billboard made a last-minute change to the way it tallies album sales, allowing Vulture's Beatles the Eagles to claim the top spot on this week's chart (Britney came in second).

What Happens If Radiohead's Album Is Terrible?

In just these past ten days, In Rainbows has received more hype than Cloverfield, Halo 3, and the second coming of Christ combined (approximately) … but what if it's a stinker?

RIAA Wins Case Against Poor Woman

A Minnesota jury surprised a single mother yesterday by offering to let her pay whatever she wants for music she downloaded, as long as it's $220,000.

We React to Slate's ‘24’ Parody in Real Time

Slate magazine — a top source of witty satire for, well, no one, hopefully — debuted an animated parody of 24 today, inspired by recent remarks made by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.