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Larry King To Join The Daily Show?

Iiiiiiiiinteresting. According to a New York Post article confirmed by Comedy Central, Larry King has been approached to be on The Daily Show. If he accepts the offer, the broadcasting legend would be an occasional contributor à la Lewis Black [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Larry King Does Some Grandpa-Level Standup on The Tonight Show

Apparently, former CNN cryptkeeper Larry King is planning to embark on a new career as a standup comedian. Or so he claims, while also repeatedly stating that he doesn't tell jokes, he tells stories. So...not a standup comedian? In any case, on [...]

By Adam Frucci

Fred Armisen’s Larry King Interviews the Real Larry King

Last night, CNN pushed Larry King's wheelchair down a hill and towards the sunset after something around 60 years of loyal service. As a part of his sendoff, Fred Armisen, as Larry, interviewed the man himself. It's been a big week for SNL [...]

By Adam Frucci

Jon Stewart To Be On Larry King Live Tonight

Jon Stewart will be joining the mummified, suspender-bedecked corpse of Larry King tonight on CNN at 9pm. There's no new Daily Show or Colbert Report this week, so take what you can get.

By Adam Frucci