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Richard Branson Pranks Larry Page Awesomely

Ivana and her fiancé seem to have some pre-wedding jitters, Tom Cruise and Sumner Redstone canoodle, and still more New Yorkers cop to encounters with Ashley Alexandra Dupre in our daily roundup of news from New York's best gossip columns.

‘Business Week’ Objects to Larry Page's Marriage

Lucy and Larry
From: GoogleBride To: The Knot.com Re: Advice Is it bad luck when, two days before your wedding, Business Week runs an entire article about why your husband shouldn't marry you? —GB OMG. Is Business Week pulling a total Graduate on Larry Page? Just two days before the Google founder's wedding to Lucy Southworth, they've provided a list of all of the reasons Page might reconsider. "Billionaire Marriages—Why Get Hitched?" starts off by quoting Manhattan's grim reaper of marriage, Raoul Felder — "A billionaire has to treat an upcoming marriage as a merger," he says. "But it's a merger with a potential enemy." — and it only gets darker from there. "Given all of the billionaire marriages that have ended badly, Larry Page may well have a prenup ready before he takes his vows on Dec. 8," writes Zoe Galland, "but [a prenup is] no guarantee of a satisfactory split if things go south." Since there are only about 500 people in the country who need this advice, and they're probably not going to get it from Business Week, this all feels eerily pointed. Something you want to tell us, Zoe? Speak now — or forever hold your peace! Billionaire Marriages—Why Get Hitched? [Business Week]

Ben Gazzara Will Have a Doggie Bag

Ben Gazzara and his wife used to sneak their dog into restaurants in a bag, until they got busted at a French bistro. Google co-founder Larry Page is getting married this Saturday on a Caribbean island owned by Richard Branson. Tara Reid has dropped her appearance fee from $30,000 to $3,500. Seth Meyers says the hours he spends on the picket lines for the Writers Guild strike are tougher than the ones he spent writing for SNL. Mets pitcher John Maine says an impostor was asking women to give him their dresses. Damien Hirst got outbid on the world's largest truffle, which ended up selling to a Macau casino owner for $330,000. Dennis Quaid is suing Baxter Healthcare, claiming that faulty medication packaging led to his newborn twin's overdose. People are actually still suing Borat for being duped into appearing in his movie. James MacAvoy and Keira Knightley had to be talked through their sex scene in Atonement because "it had to be so erotic."

Someone Counted the Jews in the ‘Vanity Fair’ 100

Counting Jews in the Vanity Fair 100, the magazine's annual list of the world's most powerful people, is not something any sane publication in New York would be caught dead doing. The Jerusalem Post, however, went to the trouble of separating the chosen from the chaff in their Thursday edition. More than half of the world's most powerful people are Jewish, according to VF (and the Post), although the methodology is laughably murky in both instances: The listers don't define “power,” and the parsers don't define “Jewish.” Take, for instance, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who share No. 3: Do they count as, uh, one or two Jews? Page's mother is Jewish, which is good enough for the Jerusalem Post even if it's not for Page himself, who says he's been raised “in the mold of his father.” (The next indisputably Hebraic contender, Michael Bloomberg, clocks in at No. 9.) The Israeli paper seems more spooked than impressed by the results: If anything, it gingerly notes, Vanity Fair reinforces some of the world's worst stereotypes by calling attention to “their disproportionate influence in finance and the media.” Of course, should they find such ostentatious triumph unbecoming, the writers are welcome to thumb through the Sports Illustrated Top 500 NFL Players list next. Jewish Power Dominates at 'Vanity Fair' [Jerusalem Post]