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Yo La Tengo Ring in Hanukkah — With Help, Sadly

To be invited as a special guest at Yo La Tengo's annual eight-night Hanukkah run at Maxwell's, you usually need to be a cool musician. Last night, though, the band made an exception.

Performa 07 Closes With Accordion, Various Bird Noises

Performa 07 went out not with a bang, but with an accordion. New York’s second-annual biennial of performance art finished up last night at the Millennium Theater to a packed house of downtown intellectuals complaining about the cash bar.

The Swell Season: Cute Couple Plays Aww-some Show

At the sold-out Swell Season show at the Beacon Theatre last night, Frames front man and unlikely indie heartthrob Glen Hansard was ebullient over the success of the movie Once. “About a year ago we played to 70 people at Tonic,” he said. “And now we’re at the Beacon. Amazing.”

Conor Oberst Wants a Revolution But Can't Lift an Amp

The fans at Bright Eyes show at Radio City last night were as placid and regal as the Christmas-tree chandelier hanging in the lobby. The only time a butt lifted off the velveteen seats during the gig's first twelve songs was when a lone cropped-hair lady standing in front of Conor Oberst danced, uh, wildly for “Old Soul Song.”

Live From New York, It's ‘30 Rock’!

Jack McBrayer was improvising a tampon commercial while guarding an opponent in an imaginary basketball game last night at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater, and despite being an actor known for his impressive improv skills, he just wasn’t hitting the mark.

Spiritualized Totally Space Us Out

Spiritualized's songs have always been impossibly large; their supernova-size drones are exalting enough to, as the title of their 1997 Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space album suggests, induce feelings of weightlessness.

Robots Fight Potatoes at the Kaiju Big Battel

Kaiju is a giant-size spectacle, with performers in Godzilla-style monster costumes wrestling one another in a ring strewn with balsa-wood skyscrapers while a spiky-haired announcer cracks wise at ringside.