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Foo Fighters Get in Shape

With a new album out next week and a tour inevitably to follow, the band treated the gig as a spring training of sorts. The result? Pretty damn great.

Black Lips Do It for the Kids

None of the rumored mainstays of the Atlanta wild children's live show — onstage pissing, fireworks, full-frontal exposure — reared their ugly heads; instead, the show was infused with childlike enthusiasm.

Harry and the Potters Make It Safe for Nerds to Rock Again

When wizard rock band Harry and the Potters bounded out onto the stage in front of the Brooklyn Public Library Saturday afternoon, dressed in their prep-school uniforms, and asked their audience of mostly teen- and tween-agers (and their parents) to join them in the recitation of the pledge of allegiance, you might have been forgiven for thinking that you had stumbled into some kind of school assembly.

Against Me! Play a Grand Opening

Brooklyn’s Schadenfreude alarms were blasting away after Patti Smith’s opening-night gig at the Williamsburg Music Hall was scratched at the last minute on Tuesday. But the masters promised Night #2 would happen, and we’re happy to report, it did.

Broken Social Scene Get Sociable; Feist Gets Feisty

Brendan Canning, one of the two founding members of Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene, cracked several tired jokes about people swimming in the waterless pool, before changing tacks and heckling a fan who was talking on his cell phone. Kevin Drew, Canning’s more focused half, had to cut him off several times so they could move on with the set.

The Rentals Entertain Crowd for Three Minutes

The Rentals's 1995 hit "Friends of P" may have aged better than, say, "Tubthumping," but last night at the Nokia Theatre, fans made it apparent that — even though they've had a decade to explore it — they're still largely unfamiliar with the rest of the band's catalog.

Lauryn Hill Rewrites History

When she finally took the stage last night in Brooklyn, Lauryn Hill was twitchy and unfocused, and mostly reduced to shouting hoarsely over her enormous band.