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Tracy Morgan Has Some Things to Say About Thanksgiving

More specifically, Tracy Morgan has 28 Thanksgiving-y things to say, and he said them all on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night while wearing a Cosby sweater. Of course, he mixed in a few colorful stories as well.

By Elise Czajkowski

Will Forte Pitched Jimmy Fallon a New ‘Tonight Show’ Theme Song

Will Forte was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, and before he joined Jimmy on the couch, he pitched a potential new theme song for Jimmy Fallon's version of The Tonight Show, which will air live from North Korea once a year and be [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Bill Cosby Basically Took Over Jimmy Fallon’s Show Last Night

Bill Cosby's been making the rounds to promote his new Comedy Central special, and while he took issue with Jay Leno's stage, he found even more to critique on Jimmy Fallon's show, from The Roots to the audience to Jimmy's copy of Fatherhood. [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Nate Bargatze Gets Development Deal with NBC

Nate Bargatze was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night to do standup, and before his set, Fallon announced that Bargatze has signed a development deal for a sitcom with NBC. (There hasn't been an official announcement from NBC yet.) [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Aziz Ansari Talked Halloween Costumes with Jimmy Fallon

Aziz Ansari was on Late Night last night, and since his segment aired after midnight and into Halloween, he naturally talked with Fallon about his costume and why he feels for ghosts. It wasn't spooky per se, but it was at least topical, which [...]

By Adam Frucci

Judd Apatow Debuted the ‘Anchorman 2’ Poster on Fallon Last Night

Judd Apatow swung by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, mostly so he could watch Jimmy's musical guest, Pearl Jam. To fill his he time, he showed off the new poster for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, traded Annie Hall impressions with [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

What It’s Like to Write For a Late Night Talk Show

Comedy is an industry. For every performer on stage, there are hundreds of people working behind-the-scenes. These creative and business jobs, which exist in all disciplines and levels of comedy, collectively make up the comedy scene. In this [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Artie Lange Lost Interest in Sports When He Stopped Gambling

Artie Lange dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday to promote his new book, Crash and Burn, and the two discussed Artie's history with gambling, and why sports just don't hold the same appeal without it. Below, Artie talks about his [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Kevin Nealon Tested His Lip Reading Skills on Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Nealon hung out at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, and the two former Weekend Update anchors had some fun as Kevin showed off his incredibly lip reading skills. Below, the two had a lovely chat about optimism, risk-taking, and [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Tina Fey Gave Jimmy Fallon Some Awesome Advice About Raising Daughters

Tina Fey dropped by her old Weekend Update co-anchor's show last night to address her recent Emmy win and give Jimmy Fallon advice on raising daughters. But don't worry; Tina's oldest daughter already sounds awesome. Below, Tina and Jimmy play [...]

By Elise Czajkowski