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  1. Trump Lauds Cops, Rips Immigrants and Media in Speech to FBIDespite his criticism of the Bureau, Trump received a warm welcome.
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    Harvey Weinstein Is Being Investigated by the LAPD Over a Rape AccusationThe allegations could lead to criminal charges.
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    The Police Official Who Fought Racism and Sexism on the Job“When I first come on in the ’80s, sexual harassment, oh man, it was rampant.”
  4. small town america
    Dave Chappelle Visited His Town Council to Discuss Police-Tasing Incident“Now we’re being policed by what feels like an alien force.”
  5. Police Seizing More Money Than Ever [Eighty-seven percent] of the time the conviction appears to be irrelevant”
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    Is Junk Science Helping Cops Get Away With Unjustified Shootings?Meet the psychologist the Justice Department is calling out for shaky research — even as it pays him.
  7. Video: The Texas Traffic Stop That Ended With a Woman’s Death in JailThe family of Sandra Bland wants the Justice Department to get involved. 
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    Police Are Killing a Lot of Mentally Ill PeopleAnd sometimes, the way they approach a distraught person escalates the situation instantly.
  9. The Supreme Court Decided Its First Cop-Shooting Case Since Ferguson. Cops Won.The Court gave no allowances for the mentally ill. 
  10. The Fugitive in the Pennsylvania WoodsHow has the survivalist who shot two state troopers avoided capture during a month-long manhunt?
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    How Militarizing Police Can Increase ViolenceFerguson is part of a dangerous nationwide experiment.
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    Here Is San Francisco’s Hottest Cop “They call me ‘Castro’s Finest.’”
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    Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric HoldSame one they used on Britney.
  14. Dept. of Homeland Security Hopes to Be Anti-NYPD When It Comes to Domestic SurveillanceBut there are allegations that the agency targeted political speech online.
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    Protest, and a Hunger Strike, Over Haitian Immigrant Deported 24 Years LaterNo explanation is being given for why Jean Montrevil, father of four, will be sent back to Haiti.