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  1. vulture lists
    Every Woody Harrelson Performance, RankedFrom Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to White Men Can’t Jump.
  2. LBJ Is a By-the-Numbers Presidential DramaWoody Harrelson stars in Rob Reiner’s uninspired telling of the origins of the Civil Rights Act.
  3. trailer mix
    LBJ Trailer: Woody Harrelson Debuts His Southern President, Y’allWith Jennifer Jason Leigh as his First Lady.
  4. tv review
    HBO’s All the Way Has Scale, But Not InsightWhere’s the feeling? Where’s the poetry? What happened?
  5. See Bryan Cranston Transform Into LBJFor HBO’s All the Way.
  6. makeup
    Dang, Woody Harrelson Looks Pretty Great As LBJ, TooPresidential makeup artists are on point this year.
  7. first look
    Bryan Cranston’s Makeup Artist Really Went All the Way for His LBJ LookCranston, is that you?
  8. the industry
    Woody Harrelson Is Playing LBJFor a Rob Reiner biopic.
  9. LBJ Ordering Pants Is Funnier Than It Should Be Here’s a fun video from Put This On, the men’s style website from Jesse Thorn & Adam Lisagor. In it, they take a recording of Lyndon Johnson […]
  10. clickables
    Watch LBJ Buys Pants, a Strangely Specific Animated ShortSpecific but charming.
  11. gossipmonger
    JFK, LBJ, TRLThe CIA official who organized the Watergate break-in claims that Lyndon B. Johnson might have been behind the Kennedy assassination. MTV’s TRL may be on the way out. Mark Wahlberg doesn’t like being famous. Gwen Stefani is a character in an upcoming novel. Madonna and ex-husband Carlos Leon are still friends. Paris Hilton pal Kim Kardashian may be making some money off her sex tape. Alec Baldwin’s directorial debut is, after much financial wheeling and dealing, finally getting released. Howard Stern lackey Artie Lange might be leaving the program for Fox. Andy Warhol’s former house in Montauk sold for half its asking price. Penélope Cruz and Pedro Almodóvar hung out at Cipriani Downtown.