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  1. legacies
    Selina Meyer Was Awful. That’s What Made Her Great.For seven years, she was the best kind of nasty woman.
  2. legacies
    What Is Game of Thrones’ Legacy in Epic Fantasy?George R.R. Martin’s books, and the series they inspired, are a reflection of our anxious times.
  3. endings
    Is Game of Thrones the Last Show We’ll Watch Together?It marks the end of the era of television as an epic, communal journey.
  4. legacies
    Luke Perry Made It Cool to Be KindHe set the template for the tenderhearted bad boy that pop culture still mimics today.
  5. legacies
    No One Deserves As Much Power As Michael Jackson HadWe gave a performer carte blanche to live however he wanted because the music was more important to us.
  6. movies
    The Complicated Legacy of Bernardo BertolucciOn the late director’s fearsome, beautiful films and the Last Tango in Paris controversy that haunts him, even in death.
  7. obits
    The Many Legacies of Harlan EllisonThe sheer size of his bibliography makes discussion of the influence of Ellison tricky.
  8. legacies
    Anthony Bourdain’s Biography Will Be Released in 2019Expect stories from the “people who knew him best.”
  9. legacies
    Anthony Bourdain’s Crusade for Fine-Dining DemocracyNobody did more than Bourdain to reveal the grimy realities lurking under big-city restaurants’ luxurious veneer.
  10. The Enduring Legacy of Roseanne, 30 Years LaterThe show’s originality resides above all in the character of Roseanne herself.
  11. The Sopranos Ended 10 Years Ago — Yet Italian Restaurants Keep Its Legacy AliveA decade after the famous finale, memorabilia and stories are still fixtures in the city’s eateries.
  12. legacies
    Chuck Barris Understood the Value of ‘Lowbrow’ EntertainmentRemembering the reality-TV visionary.
  13. legacies
    The Enduring Legacy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 20 Years LaterThe series was at its best charting women in moments of fraught transition.
  14. legacies
    Should Princess Leia Be Crowned a Disney Princess?One petition-making father of five girls thinks so.
  15. timelines
    Donald Glover’s Long, Strange Trip From Atlanta to AtlantaThe comedian/writer/actor/musician has made a career out of redefining expectations.
  16. legacies
    The Story Behind The Get Down’s Kung Fu Connection“If it wasn’t for Hong Kong cinema, hip-hop street dancing culture would be a bit different.”
  17. Quentin Tarantino ‘Plans to Stop at 10’ MoviesFor those of you playing at home, that’s only two more films (Kill Bill counts as one film).
  18. legacies
    Why Roots Was So ImportantThe nearly 40 years haven’t dimmed its ability to illuminate one of the grimmest aspects of U.S. history.
  19. legacies
    Idol Changed the Pop-Culture Landscape for GoodLike a big, glittery fire hose, Idol blasted a whole bunch of new faces, ideas, and concepts into our living rooms.
  20. legacies
    Garry Shandling Was One of American Television’s Greatest ArtistsHe made the kind of comedy you could barely stand to look at, and couldn’t look away from.
  21. legacies
    Why Downton Abbey Became a Massive Cultural PhenomenonIt’s destined to be a classic.
  22. legacies
    The Decline of Harper LeeThe iconic 88-year-old author is involved in a messy tussle over a new biography. Does this mean she’ll never tell her own story?
  23. legacies
    Darin Morgan Brings The X-Files’ New Season to the Level of Its Best WorkLast night’s episode is well on its way to being a classic.
  24. legacies
    Fargo’s Second Season Will Be a Classic in Its Own RightThe best movie-to-TV conversion since M*A*S*H.
  25. legacies
    Why America’s Next Top Model Was Never Better Than Its First CycleWe wouldn’t see anything like it again.
  26. legacies
    The Paradox of the First Black PresidentAs the historic administration nears its final year, African-American leaders debate: Did Barack Obama do enough for his own community?
  27. legacies
    Key & Peele Knew How to Tell a Race JokeTheir willingness to skewer racial expectations is always accompanied by an optimism that we can be more than how society sees us.
  28. legacies
    Why Mr. Robot Is Not a Great Show (Yet)There’s something not quite there about it, and it’s frustrating.
  29. legacies
    The Alarming Math Behind Barack Obama’s LibraryThe president’s foundation for his library and museum will likely be the most richly endowed in the nation’s history.
  30. legacies
    The Radical Humanism of David SimonAnd why he’s never been popular.
  31. legacies
    Jon Stewart’s Greatest Legacy Will Be All of the Comic Superstars He LaunchedIs there life after Jon Stewart? Of course.
  32. Jon Stewart May Be Irreplaceable…and That’s Just FineIn a hallway adjacent to the Lawrence High School auditorium, you’ll find the Hall of Honor, a collection of plaques plastered to the wall […]
  33. legacies
    Wet Hot American Summer’s Undefinable Brand of Smart StupidityCall it dumb-smart, its dumbness freshly imbued with a deep, winking self-awareness.
  34. legacies
    The Rewriting of David Foster WallaceHow the author of Infinite Jest became the center of a self-help cult.
  35. legacies
    David Letterman’s Lasting Impact: A Smudge on the Collective UnconsciousThe real-time creation of a talk show was every Letterman broadcast’s true subject.
  36. tv
    David Chase on the Legacy of Twin PeaksThe Sopranos creator talks to Matt Zoller Seitz about the surreal brilliance of (the hopefully returning!) series.
  37. legacies
    Obama’s Presidential Library Will Be in ChicagoSorry, New York and Hawaii.
  38. books
    New Biography Renews the Fight Over Saul BellowBrute or genius? Loathed or loved? For me, the war is personal.
  39. legacies
    How Parks and Recreation Outshined The OfficeMaybe niceness does count.
  40. 53 Historians Weigh In on Barack Obama’s LegacyWhat will the historical verdict be after the news cycles are over?
  41. the obama history project
    Why History Will Eviscerate ObamaHe will go down as America’s Gorbachev.
  42. the obama history project
    Why History Will Be Very Kind to ObamaAnd if it’s not, it will be for a highly ironic reason.
  43. Last Days
    wd~50 Made More Than $100,000 in 10 Minutes TodayTalk about going out with a bang.
  44. Last Days
    Wylie Dufresne Commemorating Final Two Weeks of wd~50 With Ticketed BlowoutWylie Dufresne’s pioneering restaurant is going out with a crazy modernist bang, or course, and not at all with a whimper.
  45. legacies
    Twin Peaks Helped Carve Out Today’s Prestige-TV LandscapeWe have come full circle.
  46. Legacies
    Wylie Dufresne’s Unwavering Vision Turned wd~50 Into a Vital New YorkThe chef never strayed from his original plan for the restaurant, even as others suggested he should — and that’s exactly why it’s so worthy of celebration.
  47. legacies
    With Second Term Essentially Over, Focus Turns to Obama Presidential LibraryCountry will be fine until 2017, library won’t plan itself.
  48. Legacies
    A Timeline of Charlie Trotter’s Influence and AchievementsThe legendary chef embraced cutting-edge ideas that other chefs wouldn’t adopt until much later
  49. diversity issues
    The First Black Supermodel, Whom History ForgotDonyale Luna was both before her time and gone too soon.
  50. trailblazing
    How Barbara Walters Invented the InternetShe’s the reason women discuss the news online all day long.
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