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Richard Fuld: ‘I Was Wrong’

In the face of Representative Henry Waxman's hard heart and perhaps fearing his secret chamber of whips and snares, Lehman CEO Richard Fuld got right down to the business of apologizing this morning.

By Jessica Pressler

Richard Fuld Emerges!

The Lehman Brothers CEO finally addresses his employees in a memo.

By Jessica Pressler

Lehman Staffers Look for NSA Love

When confronted with adversity, everyone has their own coping mechanisms — and sometimes those are sex parties and Craigslist.

By Jessica Coen

Barclays in Talks to Buy Lehman Assets

The British investment bank, which walked away from a deal to buy portions of Lehman last Sunday, is apparently still sniffing around.

By Jessica Pressler

Bloody Monday

No matter what happens next, today was a day that will be remembered.

By Jessica Pressler

No Coffee for You!

A street cart has banned Lehman Brothers reporters.

By Daniel Maurer