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  1. funerals
    William Shatner Will Miss Leonard Nimoy’s FuneralBecause of a charity event.
  2. obits
    President Obama Speaks on Death of Leonard Nimoy“I loved Spock.”
  3. r.i.p.
    20 Cool Things Leonard Nimoy Did Other Than Star TrekFrom poetry to “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.”
  4. r.i.p.
    Remembering Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock, One of History’s Greatest TV CharactersTrek and Nimoy built Spock, the Vulcans, and their entire history out of bits and pieces of lived experience, which is why their world continues to exert such powerful fascination.
  5. the cosmic ballet goes on
    Simpsons Showrunner Al Jean Remembers Leonard NimoyHe had some of the show’s best cameos.
  6. what a mensch
    Leonard Nimoy Explains Spock’s Secret Jewish OriginsFrom synagogue to Starfleet.
  7. obits
    Legendary Star Trek Star Leonard Nimoy Has DiedHe died at his home in Bel Air.
  8. It’s That Episode: Joe Randazzo Is ‘In Search Of…UFOs’ with Leonard NimoyOn “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of […]
  9. Mitt Romney: This Is Your Life (As Brought to You by ‘The Daily Show’ and […] The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Maybe I’m […]
  10. the emmys
    Things You Won’t See on Tonight’s Emmy BroadcastDefinitely no Baldwin, and possibly no Sheen.
  11. tv
    See Leonard Nimoy Describe the Time William Shatner Stole His BicycleCaptain Kirk, heartless thief.
  12. quote machine
    Twilight 4 Screenwriter Answers All Your QuestionsPlus: Stephenie Meyer is sorry.
  13. quote machine
    Robert Pattinson to Plotz When He Reads Breaking Dawn ScriptPlus: Jessica Biel’s character the “lynchpin of A-Team’s story,” says Jessica Biel.
  14. quote machine
    Harmony Korine Can Totally Imagine His Latest Movie Being Discovered in a Pile of CondomsPlus: David Cross on why Notorious B.I.G. is overrated.
  15. spock
    Leonard Nimoy Beams Self Out of Workforce“I’ve been doing this professionally for 60 years. I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time.”
  16. early and often
    Bill Thompson Secures All-Important Trekkie VoteLeonard Nimoy is backing the candidate for mayor, a “sci-fi geek.”
  17. quote machine
    Hugh Jackman Keeps a SouvenirPlus: Can someone get Leonard Nimoy some steamed chicken?
  18. gossipmonger
    Leighton Meester Is a Text AddictThe ‘Gossip Girl’ star spent a party in her honor on her BlackBerry, and more bad behavior in our daily gossip roundup.
  19. the industry
    Johnny Depp to Wear His Own Clothes in ‘Dark Shadows’ MoviePlus industry news on Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn, John Waters, and Led F’in Zeppelin, man.
  20. gossipmonger
    Gore ’08!Michael Moore may support Al Gore for president. A theater in the HBO building was named for former network chief Michael Fuchs, and Fuchs gave a weird, bad, awkward speech at the ceremony. Jerry Seinfeld is very excited about his upcoming Bee Movie. 50 Cent is very excited about playing a drug dealer opposite Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in his upcoming movie. A lot of racehorse owners are not pleased with Eliot Spitzer’s plan for Aqueduct to be government-run. David Burke took home $10,000 after beating Bobby Flay and Sam Talbot in a poker tournament in Aspen. Jimmy Fallon wants to lose weight. “Utter pandemonium” broke out, says a “Page Six” source, after Debra Messing, Mike Nichols, and other guests were rained upon during the Public Theater’s premiere of Romeo and Juliet in Central Park. (Actually, we thought it was pretty fun.) Ian Claus dedicated his first book to Chelsea Clinton.