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Get a Little Choked Up by This Leslie Knope Political Ad

It's okay if you cry a little at this ad for Leslie Knope's City Council campaign because you're just so proud to live in America. Or, alternately, so bummed out that Leslie Knope isn't a real person and thus can't run for president. Although [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Parks and Rec Recap: ‘The Trial of Leslie Knope’

Leslie and Ben spent the better part of the last two seasons worrying about the ramifications of making their relationship public, so it only makes sense that, when they do disclose their secret romance, it’s taken seriously. In this case, [...]

By Bradford Evans

Leslie Knope: Human Emoticon

The many faces of Leslie Knope: human emoticon. But where's David Cho's favorite emoticon? You know, this one: t(-_-t)

By Adam Frucci