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Leslie Mann Kind of Ruined Judd Apatow’s Twitter

And you thought Judd's Twitter account was crappy before. (Zinged.) It's pretty great how she treats the interview like she's uncovering a major conspiracy. Like Judd Apatow tweeting while shitting is the Watergate of people doing something [...]

By Jesse David Fox

New ‘This Is 40’ Trailer Asks: Who is Tom Petty?

The first This Is 40 trailer had people saying, "This is sad." With this trailer, they'll be saying: "This is funny," and "This is filled with fun cameos," and "Now, this is 40." Overall, it's a very heartening trailer that looks packed with [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Some Guest-Star News

- Reno 911! Star Niecy Nash will appear in an early episode of The New Girl next season as woman who steals Jess's likely ribbon and hearts covered purse. To take the shenanigan level up another notch, this twee purse thief will be a [...]

By Jesse David Fox

New Details and the First Image From Apatow’s This is 40

The LA Times has some new info and the first image from Judd Apatow's next movie, This is 40. The movie will feature Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann revisiting their characters from Knocked Up. As for the plot: "Pete’s music label is struggling and [...]

By Adam Frucci