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Chinese Reporter Visits Michael's, Unveils ‘Courstrong’?

The Wall Street Journal's Li Yuan, who writes Beautiful Country, a column that "looks at American business life and business culture from a native Chinese perspective," according to the Journal, had lunch at Michael's recently and wrote about it in a column on the "power lunch," which appeared on the Website yesterday along with an amazing accompanying video (above). "Over the past 18 years, a glamorous daily soap opera has unfolded here," Yuan wrote of the restaurant. "Who's eating there, with whom and what they might be discussing are hot gossips for tabloids and blogs." During her expedition to Michael's, Yuan made an accidental but important discovery: She spotted Katie Couric having lunch with Lance Armstrong! Sure, the meeting could have been business-related. But maybe, just maybe, it was something more. After all, Katie is totally Lance's type. Even if she's not 18, she's blonde and quirky and has piles of her own money. And Lance's dedication to his Livestrong Foundation must appeal to Katie, who lost her husband to cancer in 1998 and has been a huge cancer-awareness advocate since. Of course, the lunch could also have been a ploy to get back at Tory Burch for dating Katie's ex, Tom Werner. Hot gossips, indeed!