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  1. Cannes: Sean Penn Movie Met With Boos, GigglesAt least for today, speculation over Penn and Theron’s relationship will take a back seat to the movie’s absolutely derisive reception.
  2. Country Where Ebola Outbreak Began Declares Itself Free of the Deadly VirusIt’s the best year-end present that God could give to Guinea, and the best news that Guineans could hope for.”
  3. Ebola Returns to Liberia, Country Was Believed to Be Virus-FreeNearly 5,000 Liberians have died from the virus since last year.
  4. Ebola Is Back in LiberiaA 17-year-old boy tested positive for the disease, the nation’s first new case in months.
  5. Liberia Declared Ebola-Free The virus killed more than 4,700 Liberians.
  6. Liberia Confirms New Case of Ebola After Two Disease-Free WeeksWe will have unfortunately some periods in which our hopes are dashed at this stage in the outbreak.”
  7. Number of Known Cases of Ebola in Liberia Drops to ZeroBeatrice Yardolo leaves the treatment center. 
  8. DHS Won’t Force Tourists From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Go HomeThey’ll be allowed to stay for 18 months.
  9. More Than 5,160 Dead From Ebola OutbreakStill no end in sight.
  10. Suspected New York Ebola Cases Don’t Actually Have EbolaThe duo is believed to have recently returned from Africa.
  11. There Aren’t Enough Body Bags for Liberia’s Ebola VictimsProper disposal is key to containing the disease.
  12. How West African News Outlets Are Covering the Ebola Outbreak Dispatches on price-gouging, distracted lawmakers, and Donald Trump.
  13. You Probably Shouldn’t Travel to Places With Ebola, Says CDCDon’t go. Don’t get Ebola.
  14. Could History’s Worst-Ever Ebola Outbreak Spread Outside of West Africa?670 people have already died from the disease.
  15. DEA Says It Arrested a Real-Life Evil ‘A Team’Ex-soldiers working as contract killers.
  16. Ivory Coast’s Troubles Bleed Into Neighboring LiberiaAnd things aren’t so great there to begin with.
  17. Naomi Campbell Disappointed That Blood Diamonds Weren’t ShinierShe was disappointed because she thought she was going to get a big, shiny diamond.”