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  1. mood lighting
    Can a SAD Lamp Really Make You Happy?Read this before you bask in the artificial light.
  2. rick rolling
    Rick Perry and Glenn Beck Have Similar Taste in BooksFiction, even.
  3. light reading
    Somewhere, and Nine Great Movies That Were Way Longer Than Their ScriptsUsually one page of a script equals one minute of screen time — but not always!
  4. light reading
    Neil Strauss and Anthony Bozza on Their New Plans to Publish ‘Intelligent Writing About Stupid Topics’Then there’s the tale of a woman, brought up as a traditional Muslim, who became “the most depraved rock groupie you’ve ever seen.”
  5. light reading
    HarperCollins Launches ‘Escapist’ Imprint, Aided by Neil Strauss“We want to publish books that people want to buy and read.”