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  1. Louis Vuitton’s Newest Model Is a Video-Game CharacterMortals get the shaft yet again.
  2. things that are pretty
    Last Night’s Lightning Sure Was PrettyAnd there are great shots of it on Flickr.
  3. Bars
    Lightning Softly Opens Sunday in Cow HollowAnd the decor will be lightning-themed.
  4. Empire Building
    Four Corners Set to Close on Union, to Become New Restaurant-Bar FromThe working title is Lightning.
  5. weather
    Girl Struck by Lightning in Middle of Sunny DayNow that’s just unfair.
  6. very strange things
    Lightning Sends 77 to the HospitalAir Force cadets, even.
  7. Here’s Stephen Tyrone Colbert’s Senior Yearbook PageYes, Stephen Colbert’s middle name is really Tyrone, and this is his senior yearbook page from high school. Apparently, his nicknames included […]
  8. the morning line
    Bloomberg Calling • People are receiving anonymous, computerized telephone polls asking if they’d support a Bloomberg run for the presidency if he spent $1 billion of his own money on it. When asked if the poll was conducted by Bloomberg, aides in his office refused to confirm or deny it. How very diabolical! [NYDN]