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Shop-A-Matic Lipsticks: 109 Reasons to Pucker Up

If you marched into Sephora, tested every lipstick, gloss, stain, and balm, and wiped off each and every one with a tissue or, worse, a cotton pad, you would have one severely tender pout when you were all done. And we would never want that for you! So we sacrificed our kissers and performed the rather unglamorous task of testing 400 lipsticks, glosses, stains, and balms to select our 109 favorites for our latest lipsticks Shop-A-Matic.

Aveda Lipstick Cuts Out the Beetle Pigment

What's on your lips? Dead beetle eggs? No, actually, dead beetle eggs. Allow us to explain, at least for the sake of your daily dose of TMI: Many lipsticks are stocked with carmine pigments, a red color taken from the dried and crushed shells, wings, and eggs of the female cochineal beetle. Yum.