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What? No Lucky Penny?

The iconic diner gets left off a roundup of old-school diners.

By Jay Barmann

10 First-Time ‘SNL’ Hosts We’d Like to See

It doesn't matter whether it's an Oscar-winning actor or an athlete with no comedy experience – if you're willing to unapologetically look like an idiot on live television, chances are you're going to be a good SNL host. First-timers can go [...]

By Megh Wright and Erik Voss

10 ‘SNL’ Hosts We’d Like To See Again

What’s in an SNL host, really? Judging by the names on this list, a lot. SNL is a well-oiled machine at this point – regardless of who’s hosting – but a fun and memorable host can work wonders to breathe life into the show. As Splitsider’s [...]

By Megh Wright and Erik Voss