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Live With Regis And Kelly

  1. Could Seth Meyers Be Stepping Down as ‘SNL’ Head Writer For Morning TV […]This is kind of odd: Seth Meyers is apparently one of three finalists to take over permanently for Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly. […]
  2. media
    Pat Kiernan to Host Live! With Kelly AgainHooray!
  3. Start DVRing Your New Favorite Show, Regis and Butt-Head Yes, fellow humans who love basing silly jokes on barely-acceptable rhymes, our day has come. Hanging ten on the surf of his post-Live! With […]
  4. goodbyes
    With Regis and Oprah Gone, Will Daytime Talk Go the Way of the Soap Opera?Are talk shows following the downhill ratings slide of late-night TV, evening news, and soap operas?
  5. Jerry Seinfeld to Take Over for Regis, at Least for a Couple of DaysRegis is leaving his post at Live with Regis and Kelly in a couple of weeks. Apparently, they’ll be using guest hosts for a time after that. […]
  6. a shore thing
    Video: Regis Philbin Gets Shirtless for a Fascinator-Wearing SnookiDaytime TV is magical.
  7. party chat
    Regis Philbin: ‘I’d Like to Stay on TV’“I’ve been there all my life.”
  8. Seth Meyers Sits in for Regis on Live with Regis and Kelly Today, Seth Meyers joined Kelly Ripa on Live with Regis and Kelly, presumably because Regis was off shooting some bank commercials. Seth fit […]
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    Jesse Tyler Ferguson Says Lady Gaga Wants to Guest-Star on Modern FamilyBut what’s she gonna do, play the neighbor who always parks her egg on their lawn?
  10. make it work
    Video: Tim Gunn Tells the Story of When Anna Wintour Went ‘Ballistic’ on Him“I was asked what I’ve seen in fashion that I’ll never forget and it was very easy — it was seeing Anna Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs.”
  11. fighting words
    Letterman Sasses Leno About Conan on RegisBut in a sweet way.
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    Andy Richter Speaks Out Against NBC and Jay Leno“Do you have any ill will toward NBC and Jay?” “Yes!”
  13. the most important people in the world
    The Kelly Ripa Guide to Happy-Marriage PRMadonna, listen up.
  14. whinos
    Kenley From ‘Project Runway’ Cries on ‘Regis and Kelly’She hates watching the clip from last week where she opted out of the Tim Gunn group hug.
  15. photo op
    Anderson Cooper Unleashes His Deltoid Dirigibles on National TelevisionLook at them. For the love of God, they’re glorious!
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    Doogie and Van Wilder Share a Moment of AwkwardnessIf any of you went to see Definitely, Maybe last night, or you know, have seen any of the ads for it, you already know that it’s basically the same premise as How I Met Your Mother. This has been covered pretty steadily since news of the film came out. But today on Live!, the awkwardness came to the fore. Neil Patrick Harris was subbing for Regis Philbin, and Ryan Reynolds was one of the celebrity guests. Reynolds stars as the handsome, likable dad in Definitely, and Harris stars as the despicable, hilarious Lothario Barney in Mother. Now, it turns out that Ryan and Neil are old friends: Neil even recalled having Ryan over to his house to discuss whether Ryan should accept a role on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (he did). But even their friendliness could not avoid the following moment, when Neil, Ryan and Kelly started discussing Ryan’s latest film: Harris: Romantic comedy. [Preparing himself.] What’s it about? Reynolds: It’s about a guy whose explaining his impending divorce to his daughter, and she wants to know how I met her…[pauses, probably remembers he had practiced a different way of describing the plot] uh … mom. Harris: How I Met Your Mother. [Gleefully] INTERESTING. Harris let it go at that, but we consider it a small victory on behalf of the cast and fans of How I Met Your Mother everywhere.
  17. Mediavore
    Zagat Empire for Sale; New Low-Cal Girl Scout CookiesThe Zagat family has put their empire of burgundy books on the market, with Goldman Sachs handling the search for a buyer who will have to drop at least $200 million for the acquisition. [NYT] Stereo, the club outside which a patron was shot last week, closed after a weekend police raid. [NYDN] Howie Mandel’s mention of the Waverly Inn on Live With Regis & Kelly made Graydon Carter’s restaurant a highly searched Google item. [Gawker]