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Tig Notaro Is Releasing an Expanded Version of Her Largo ‘LIVE’ Set

Record label Secretly Canadian announced today that they're releasing an expanded CD version of Tig Notaro's acclaimed Largo performance from last year, during which she discussed her cancer diagnosis and a number of personal tragedies that had [...]

By Bradford Evans

Tig Notaro’s Album Made a Ton of Cash

Stand-up and cancer survivor Tig Notaro's recording of her acclaimed, heartbreaking Largo performance, which was released two weeks ago via Louis C.K.'s website, turned out to be a whopping success. The A.V. Club reports that the album has sold [...]

By Bradford Evans

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Live Late Night Opening Touchdown

If you turned off your TV after the Super Bowl to cry yourself to sleep with disappointment or to run out to the streets in celebration, here is what you missed: Jimmy Fallon pumping up the Adele and partying with cheerleaders, mascots, a guy [...]

By Hallie Cantor