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  1. Today’s Viral Llama Video Stars One Hilariously Terrified KidThe llama pops its head into the family car, and little Trey is not having it.
  2. Forget the Dress: The Best Meme of 2/26/2015 Was the Runaway LlamasOn the anniversary of “The Dress,” celebrating another, better meme.
  3. pinspiration
    14 Animals Better at Beauty Than You AreDo it like they do on the Discovery channel. 
  4. Llamas Fail to Escape Long Enough to Keep Internet Entertained on a FridayThey had one job. 
  5. look of the day
    Jennifer Aniston Wore a Llama on Her SweaterEccentric!
  6. NY Times Revisits the Most Important Story of 2015: The Llama ChaseThere are the two jailbirds right there.”
  7. Here Is a GIF Recap of the Great Llama Chase of 2015The most important news event since the last important news event.
  8. Two Llamas Captured After Live Chase Through Arizona Neighborhood [Updated]The llamas were on the loose in Sun City.